HI + Catch-Up!


Hey all!

Just wanted to update you guys, and let you all know that I just purchased my first book cover photo. I’ve edited it to include both the title and my pseudonym. Now I’ll just be figuring out the rest of the technicalities of the publishing process and (hopefully!) publish soon!

I’m excited! One step closer to publishing and I’ll be trying so hard not to reveal the cover and blurb and whatnot until the book is published. No sneak peeks until later; it’s going to be hard to refrain but I’ll try!


Soul xo

Wassup e’rrbody!?

I’m just dropping in to say hey, how you doin’, etc,. Feels like it’s been a month already but it’s only been a week; I started the week off with a bang, writing like crazy, and then I got food poisoning 😦 still don’t feel good but hey, at least it happened during my break and I don’t have to take a longer one; #silverlining #hashtag.


I hope VANITY & VICE and Jake Saunders are keeping you company! Especially Jake, reow. My twitter is always up and open so feel free to check on updates there as well.

So, one of the books I’ve written is finished (finished since, like, 3 years ago!) and all I need to do is buy a picture from istockphoto.com. Thing is, I’ve never bought anything from that site before, don’t know if it’s safe or not but it looks legit. Either way, anyone know if PayPal is good? Or is it a hassle?

Can’t wait to share my books with you all! Can’t wait to see them all up and published! I’ll most likely be publishing my YA book simultaneously with my erotica\rom-com book, and that one I’m trying to focus on the most right now. It’s still in the early stages of writing but hopefully I get a good chunk down before the month is up. I’m just itching for you all to read ’em, and I sincerely hope you do end up liking them!

I have soooooo many ideas bubbling, I just can’t keep up. Need to write everything down! So thanks for being so patient and understanding with this break.


Anna is thinking of starting therapy by herself. What do you guys think? Good idea? By the way, hasn’t anyone wondered exactly how Richard “heard” about Daniel’s accident? 😉

I’ll see you soon!

Lots of Love, Soul xo


6 thoughts on “HI + Catch-Up!

  1. Single therapy sounds great for Anna. Nothing like a little self reflective maintenance.
    Not only wondering how Richard heard about Daniel’s accident, but also what he could possibly have to say of any relevance. Maybe Tanya hit Daniel…? (psycho chick–wouldn’t put it past her.)
    Sorry about the food poisoning. Loved the most recent Jake Saunders chapter–sounds like he is more emotionally invested in Sophia than he chooses to admit…Good. A little jealousy might actually do him some good.

    1. Hey Sara Williamson!

      Thanks for commenting!

      I’ve been thinking about the fact that Anna doesn’t need to wait on Daniel to go to therapy, so she should go herself and see what’s up. And who knows, maybe he’ll see there’s no harm in it and join her later. Looking forward to writing the new posts, and Samson&Delilah! Already got an opening for that and I can’t wait to post it!

      Soul xo

  2. Cant wait for your return and books! Im a total bookworm so Im super excited for you and cant wait to read them. My husband used to have to use Paypal at work & says its really good and totally safe so just a little info for you. I think its smart Anna go to therapy on her own you have to be know who you are & be happy with yourself before you can make someone else as happy. In the past its always seemed she needed some guy to validate her happiness & she needs to figure that out on her own. Love love love the wattpad story & cant wait to read more. Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Hi -N!

      GAAAAHHHHH!! You just made my day! So pleased to see a reader is looking forward to reading my books! It’s quite daunting so I appreciate the support!

      Thanks for the info. on PayPal! I think I’ll sign up.

      Glad you’re enjoying the Wattpad story, too! It’s about to get real 😉

      And thanks, I am feeling a little better. Hopefully I heal up completely by the end of the week, otherwise I’ll be a zombie at work!

      Soul xo

  3. I think therapy for Anna sounds great and hopefully Daniel will get motivated to join her!! Can’t wait for your books – I love your blogs but having a whole book of yours to read would be awesome!! Looking forward to them both! And ps – PayPal is totally fine – I have an account and although I don’t use it much, the times that I have used it, it was super easy and secure.

    Hope you feel better soon!!!!

    1. Hi Amber!

      I’m so giddy now, you have no idea how much it calms my nerves to see readers actually looking forward to my books, so thank you so much 😀 !

      Do you (or anyone) know if PayPal is a hassle to delete?

      Thanks, I’m feeling better, not quite right, but at least better 🙂 thanks ❤

      See you soon!

      Soul xo

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