Three years in the making and it’s finally here!!

My first ever book to be published is up now and I’m so excited and nervous all at once. I’m so happy for you guys to see it and I really hope you all do enjoy it. Please share it with anyone and everyone, spread the word to the people you think will enjoy the book. I’m still so giddy lol :D!

I also wanted to let you guys know that I’m about halfway through my rom-com\erotica book, and I will actually be asking you guys to pick the cover image because I have like 3 in mind. Thought it’d be a great way to include you guys in the process :D!

Now, without further ado, here’sΒ the link to the book entitled, The Unspeakable Things. Scroll down for the product description\mini-synopsis. This is book 1 of a series too, forgot to mention that in the description. It’ll mean so much to me if you can review the book as well!

Thank you, you all have encouraged me and supported me along the way. Means so much and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the love.

Here’s to more books to come!

Gah!!! Enjoy!!!!!

Soul xo

P.S. Annabelle Jackson is a pseudonym πŸ˜‰


10 thoughts on “IT’S FINALLY HERE!

  1. Yay, congrats!! I am super excited for you! It sounds like an amazing book! Is it only going to be sold on Kindle? I am so sad I don’t have one! I am going to work on that but in the meantime I am so jealous of everyone that gets to read it now! Great job!!

    1. Hi Amber!

      Aww really? Currently, yes, as far as I know I think it’s only on Kindle since I only set it up with Amazon. I’m really new to the business, and I honestly wish I had publisher to make this all easier on me, but for now, dang, so sorry :(.

      Thank you anyway, and I hope you do get to read it soon because I cannot wait to read your (and everyone’s) thoughts on my first ever book! ❀

      Soul xo

  2. Love the cover!! It turned out really great. Definitely want to read this as soon as my hectic schedule calms down. Congratulations!!

    1. Hey kelseyxsays!

      I’ve had the cover for so long now, I was so thrilled that I was able to finally own it and edit it. I think it’s badass and it really reflects the badass-ness of the main character, which was what I was going for!

      Can’t wait for you to read it! Thanks for being so interested! It means a lot! ❀

      Soul xo

  3. The cover is great and the description sounds exciting. So dark. I’ve gotta get my kindle account working right and download it stat! mum

    1. Hey mum!

      Yes, yes, yes; stat! Lol πŸ˜€ so excited for you to read it! Long time coming. I really hope you enjoy the book and I can’t wait to write more (rom-com\erotica coming up next!). Everyone’s support just keeps me going!

      Thanks so much!

      Soul xo

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