Mean Girl

***BONUS post. Enjoy! (Samson & Delilah next!)***

We were way into the dessert part of dinner when conversation flipped onto me. For the most part, I was sitting back with a silent wandering gaze as Jodie and Adam caught up. First of all, Adam never looked so good, there was no denying it. His blonde hair still seemed soft and golden; his skin so creamy and ethereal; his smile so sweet and tender; and that scruff on his jawline, the stubble that I always profess suits him, was agonizingly taunting me. Whenever I saw Adam, he reminded me of good times in California. Adam is California. Second of all, there was no reason for me to actually jump animatedly into the conversation unless I absolutely had to. That opportunity hadn’t come yet, and I hope it doesn’t.

My hands were placed on top of each other on my lap and my mouth shut. I became a reserved presence amongst them and I felt like I had been trained for this moment all along. Pretty sad considering I have never, ever felt this way with Adam before; but, times change I guess. Unfortunately.

“So what’s going on with you?” Adam jutted his chin out at me after he finished laughing with Jodie.

“Hmm?” I asked, pretending I didn’t hear.

“Oh, she’s just working and hanging out with me. Finding love in the big city,” Jodie hopped in.

I narrowed my eyes onto her. “Except for the ‘finding love’ part.”

“Right,” Adam said, slightly confused.

As Adam stared at me, behind his back Jodie tightened her lips and widened her eyes a fraction for a second as the muscles in her face tensed. I furrowed my brows. What the hell was she trying to tell me?

“So, it’s been a while,” Adam stated.

Last I saw him, we made out at Janet’s engagement party. As I reminisce I call it a debacle. A mistake. A moment of weakness.

I nodded. “Yup.”

“You know, since…last time,” Adam said.

“Yup,” I repeated.

“When was last time?” Jodie asked.

“At Janet’s engagement party,” Adam explained. “We kind of—”

“You know what?” I interjected, raising my hand to stop Adam from revealing pointless details of the day. “It doesn’t even matter.”

Jodie lifted her brows in intrigue and leaned in. “Aww please tell me. What happened?”

I shook my head and stood. “Nothing. I should go.”

“Okay,” Jodie said, jumping to her feet a little too animatedly, “let’s go.”

I was on my way to pay for dinner when an arm reached out to grab mine and stop me in my tracks. Adam had his pale hand curled around my thin frame and moved closer. “I already paid.”

My cheek actually twitched up. “When?”

“When I was going to the bathroom,” he said. “I went to pay first.”

I rolled my eyes. “How much was it?”

“It’s fine.”

“Adam, it’s not fine, I don’t want you paying things for me.”

“It’s fine,” he repeated calmly. His voice coming out smooth from curled up lips.

How am I so agitated and he so cavalier?

“Alright,” Jodie slapped her hands together and rubbed once we stepped out onto the street, “off to where now?”

“Umm, if you girls want to go dancing, there’s a pretty good club a couple blocks away,” Adam pointed down the street.

“Actually, I think I’m going to call it a night,” I refused. “I should go home.”

Jodie, once again behind Adam’s back, rolled her eyes at me. What is her deal!?

“Cool!” Jodie beamed when Adam looked at her. She smiled at him and returned her attention onto me. “We’ll go with.”

Adam grinned widely, and I huffed a little laugh, too low to be audible. “Actually, I’m going to Daniel’s.” I smirked proudly. Bet she didn’t see that one coming.

“Daniel,” Adam said, taken aback, blinking in thought with a tinge of confusion lining his face.

“It’s not actually serious,” Jodie hastened to say.

“Umm, yeah it is,” I quickly clarified.

“Maybe, maybe not,” Jodie said, shrugging. “We’ll see how long this time round lasts.”

Wow. Okay, just because you’re saying it with a smile, doesn’t make it nice. Since when did Jodie become such a—ugh, I can’t say it. She’s my best friend, but tonight, she was acting like the opposite. To put it lightly, she was acting like a mean girl.

Adam still appeared to be hopeful, remaining quiet. Perhaps he was calculating. I just had to act on my words to prove to him I’m being legit.

“Well, I should get going.” I stepped closer to the curb and stretched my arm out to hail a cab. Behind me, I could see Jodie leaning to whisper into Adam’s ear; Adam leaned in and conferred with her in the same way. Buzz, buzz, buzz!

“See you!” I waved at Jodie and Adam when a cab stopped in front of me.

As I drove off, their thoughtful gazes engraved into my mind. I wonder what their next move will be.

When I got to Daniel’s and finally reached his floor, I was smitten with my cunning, quick-thinking. I know I’m no Albert Einstein but I’m glad I averted whatever showdown was going to happen back at my place. I mean, what the hell is Jodie thinking? She better not take Adam back to my place. I drew out my phone and noticed it was on 30% battery life. I pulled Jodie out of the contacts and texted her:

‘You better not take him back to my place’. It’s my home and I don’t want Adam there. He’s never known where I live in the big city and I don’t intend on him starting now. Especially with a shady Jodie plotting against me and alongside him. Traitor.

A couple steps more to Daniel’s door, and I was finally home. His home. With a beaming smile too big for my face, I dug eagerly into my bag and rummaged through. I tossed and turned items around, I took out my black and white Furla lined with a gold zip and held it in my hand to lighten the bulk. Ah, shit. Shit, shit, shit! Where is Daniel’s key? You see, I’m not the kind of person that likes to carry so many keys and whatnot on my keychain; it’s just so counterproductive, especially when I’m in a hurry. So whenever I go over to Daniel’s, I usually take his keys—separate to my own—along with my own, with me. That means, I either forgot them at Daniel’s or they’re at home.

Just then, in my frustrated panic of wondering what my next move was going to be, I received a text from Jodie: a smiley face. I rolled my eyes and sighed, throwing my blackberry—all 28% of it—back into my bag.

I couldn’t go to my place, just in case, but I couldn’t go into Daniel’s because I don’t have his keys and he isn’t home.

Is there someone I could call to take me out of awkward state?


10 thoughts on “Mean Girl

  1. I hope we’re not going to have Anna choosing between Adam and Daniel again. I’m 24 and my friends and I don’t act as immature as Anna and her friends.

  2. Wow, Jodie needs to learn a valuable lesson & her & Anna needs to part ways till Jodie’s behavior improves. Talk about high school Jodie-shame on her. Jodie sabotaged that evening on purpose & should offer Anna an apology.
    Way to go Anna!!

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