Anna Made Her Decision And To Summarise, F*ck Everybody!

***BONUS post! I’ve been agonising and going over and over the comments on the previous post all day and now hope you are all happy with this decision because pretty much no one liked what happened beforehand lol. Enjoy! Soul xo!***

The exact moment I knew, it was 6:13PM. I was sitting on Daniel’s sofa, contemplating the recent decisions I had to make. What I want. What Daniel wants. Where we are. I was watching him as he was making us dinner. I know it sounds like I don’t make anything, but little known fact, Daniel loves to cook. And he’s good at it too. He says he isn’t, but he is.

Tonight is scallops with green goddess rice as a starter (if you’ve never had green goddess rice, I suggest you look up a recipe right now, and thank me later!) and lamb cutlets with a cranberry and red wine sauce, a small mash and roasted vegetables.

“No dessert tonight,” Daniel smiled.

I pretended to pout. “I’ll live. Do you want me to give you a hand?”

Daniel’s eyes twinkled wickedly and he grinned, wriggling his eyebrows. “Oh, hell yeah.”

I smacked him on his arm, disapprovingly. “Maybe later,” I joked.

He laughed and leaned down for a kiss. “I’ll take you up on that. And no, I’m fine. Go relax. Sit down, lift up your feet. Maybe my version of a handy is a foot massage.”

“I think I just had a mini-orgasm.”

“Pre-emptive strike!” he bellowed, balling his hand into a fist and bringing it down the length of his face.

I laughed and got changed out of my work wear and at 6:02PM sat on the sofa and switched on the TV. I barely paid any attention to the flashing screen. I was thinking of what was going in my life. Yet again. I sighed, not too loudly so Daniel couldn’t hear, thinking about Dr. Shaw, freakin’ Adam and fucking Chris, the pervert cop. I felt torn as I usually do. It’s like passing one of those workers setting up a kiosk in shopping centres and feeling like a total asshole when you ignore them. How was I supposed to know it was for the Special Olympics? I didn’t even glance at or read anything!

I just kept thinking that if I hadn’t figured out anything now without needing the guidance of Dr. Shaw, then I hadn’t learned anything since our first visit.

Then I glanced at Daniel and everything came into focus. All my thinking, back and forth, all of everything. Not to be rude, but I’m so fucking sick of Adam, so sick of a man like Chris, and so sick of needing Dr. Shaw (which is not to say I won’t be visiting her anymore). So sick of this back and forth, of my torn fucking decisions, my torn feelings. The answer is and has always been right in front of me.

I stood and walked over to where Daniel was in the kitchen, a slow smile climbing onto my lips. Daniel didn’t catch at first, but did a glimpsed my way and then did a double-take. A smile rose to his lips.

“What?” he asked hesitantly after nothing was spoken between the two of us.

“I want to move in with you.”

Daniel turned his body to fully face me. “Say what, now?”

I walked up to him. “I want to move in with you. Do you want to move in together?”

“Uhh,” he lifted his hands up and furrowed his brows, his mouth in an animated line of surprise, “uhh, just hang on a second. We haven’t even spoken about this.”

I shrugged. “We’re speaking now. What’s the problem?”

“You not freaking out for one. You don’t seem scared or hesitant or anything but sure of yourself.”

“Isn’t that a good thing?”

“Well, yeah,” he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand, “but, I don’t know, you think we’re ready for this? I mean, what brought all this on?”

I sighed, read to justify my proposal. “Because there’s nowhere I’d rather be. I want to make a life with you. I want to live with you, marry you; I want us to move forward together because I love you. I want to remove all the messy things from my life and focus on you and me and us together. I was sitting on the sofa, worrying about things that don’t even matter to me, Daniel. I’m a simple girl, Daniel, I want to worry about the things that are important: you, friends, family and work. That’s it.”

Daniel breathed out long-held air. “I can’t even think right now.”

“Well, it’s simple.” I closed in on him, looking up as he looked down. “Do you want to live with me, too? And not in a year’s time. Right now.” There was no response and I didn’t know if I was terrified there wasn’t or pleased that he was honestly thinking about this. “And you don’t have to say ‘yes’ just because I want it. We can wait if you want to.”

“It’s a big commitment, Anna.”

“I know.”

“A tough decision.”

“I know,” I nodded.

Just before I thought I knew the answer, letting my shoulders down in disappointment, Daniel started to grin widely, from ear to ear. “But not enough to keep me from saying ‘yes’.”

That was all I needed. Tomorrow I’m changing my phone number, ridding myself of Adam once and for all, and moving onwards with Daniel.

“So we’re doing this?” I asked excitedly. “We’re really doing this?!”

“We’re really doing this!” Daniel laughed.

I charged up and pounced on him, he caught me in an instant, spinning around as we both laughed right before we started smelling the scallops burning.

***P.S. Only up to chapter 5 on the proofread\edit front of my rom-com\erotica, in case anyone’s interested. There are 18 chapters all up. Also, just realised I haven’t posted anything on my Wattpad story in about a month so hopefully I’ll get something up by this week, even if it’s only one post. Thank you to all who have been voting and commenting on my stories, especially The Unspeakable Things and His Name Is Jake Saunders! (Twitter). Soul xo***


6 thoughts on “Anna Made Her Decision And To Summarise, F*ck Everybody!

  1. Finally!!! Anna is finally “all in” lets hope she stays that way 🙂 there is nothing better then a supportive s/o and I am excited to read a story about her finally in a stable loving relationship that she deserves!!

  2. I just hope Anna finally sticks with ONE decision. For the love of Pete. I don’t think I will be able to deal with her if she decides to flip-flop AGAIN for like the 100th time. LOL.

  3. Yay! Now for new story lines–let’s hear more about Anna growing in her career (and of course, some steamy stuff with Daniel on the side.)

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