Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

“Daniel,” I snickered as his hand slid up my leg, “Daniel, I have to leave soon.”

I was sitting on top of the kitchen counter and he was standing before me. His lips nuzzled my neck and he ran streams of kisses all over. “Mmm,” he moaned, “not that soon.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck and shoulders and pulled him into me, my resistance towards his affections fading. “We have no time,” I said, just as he ran his hand higher sending a flame of tingles up the top of my thigh, a slight gasp escaping me.

He chuckled into my neck, his breaths fanning in short and abrupt bursts. “I like this,” he fingered the hem of my lightly tanned trapeze tunic. It’s a V-neck and has a thick line of silver at the bottom. I wore this first thing after I took a shower; it’s so easy and comfortable that I can wear as PJ’s, thick enough that I can wear a bra and panties underneath, and thin enough that it didn’t stifle me. I wear it more at home than out. It’s just so damn comfy!

“Baby, come with me,” I said for like the millionth time. “It’s just for a few weeks.”

He pulled back and shook his head. “I wish I could.”

“You’re quitting your job anyway, you may as well,” I inadvertently whined.

“I can’t just ditch when I’m only giving them my two weeks’ notice.” He pressed his lips onto mine, softly and slowly moving in unison. Making out and the heat that a touch exudes is so underrated. When Daniel and I woke up this morning, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

I sighed, hanging my head. “No I know. I’ll probably be too busy anyway, so…”

Daniel placed his finger underneath my chin and tilted my head up at him smiling. “Don’t look so glum. Like you said, it’s just for a few weeks. And you’ll be so busy the time will fly by so fast, and before you know it—”

“I’m back home.”

Daniel nodded. “You’re back home. Only thing I’m concerned about is your clumsiness,” he tapped the tip of my nose, wriggling his brows suggestively.

I laughed. “Okay, hold up. That wasn’t even my fault.”

“I’m just glad your nose didn’t break.” He kissed the bridge of my nose.

“That makes the two of us.”

I balled the unbuttoned collar of his shirt into my fists and pulled him closer, my eyes focused on his, then peering down hungrily at his lips, and I wrapped my legs around him. I quickened a thin sliver of heat and wet with my tongue on his bottom lip and slowly teased my way inside his mouth. The kisses superficial at first, growing greedily for more of him and his touch.

I moved my lips down to his neck, unable to remember the last time I actually ran slow and sweet pecks up and down this area. He held me steady at the waist, chuckling when I hit a ticklish part.

“You don’t even know how nervous I was telling you about my past,” Daniel randomly said as I continued kissing him. “It relieves me to know that I’m still in your good books.”

I laughed. “Daniel, you’ve always been in my good books. And that may be your past but—” I shrugged— “you’re what you are now and that’s the man I love. Besides,” I lowered my hand to grab his ass and squeeze, “you aren’t entirely bad.”

He bit my bottom lip and then kissed it. I released his ass and held him at the waist as he held me. “You’re not so bad yourself.”

I laughed. “Thanks, babe. Oh,” I pulled back from our hug, “you never told me what is up with your job. What’s going on, Daniel?”

“Right, umm, well, I’ve realised my fate at the company was practically doomed the minute I didn’t get that promotion. But I kept at it, just to be sure. Anyway, after having that talk with my father, well, he offered me a job that was still standing until I accepted.”

I widened my eyes. “Oh my God, Daniel. You didn’t!”

He shook his head and rubbed my leg to calm me. “No, I didn’t. I refused profusely, but he keeps saying the offer still stands.” He rolled his eyes. “Whatever. Anyway, I have a thing about quitting. Makes me feel like a failure sometimes and well, for the longest time I was ignoring the best way out. Then a friend of mine told me to think of it as resigning, not quitting. My happiness is more important.”

Wow. A few weeks ago Daniel would’ve never have opened up like this. Now the floodgates have opened and I’m loving the waters.

I smiled. “It is more important.”

“Don’t be scared. I’ve got another job lined up already. Our future is still good.”

“You do?” That was quick.

“I’ve been kind of doing it behind the scenes. So while I was here, I was there, paving my way, you know? Anyway, I’m starting in the New Year.”

“No matter what I think, Daniel, I’m happy for you.” And I meant it. I was proud, happy and happy he was happy.

“I’m sorry I never told you about it,” he added. “I should’ve mentioned something. I know it’s my decision and all but, it would have been courteous to tell you. Which is not to say I wasn’t thinking about you.”

“I know. I get it.”

He smiled. “Good.”

“Baby….” I protested as his hand slid up my leg once again. “I shouldn’t get all wet.”

His lips up against my ear, whispered, “I’ll do a good clean up job, don’t you worry.”

I heard the smile in his words as my body radiated a lady boner.

“I don’t want to miss my flight,” I whispered into his ear and then kissed him on the cheek. I hopped off the counter and headed for the bedroom where my suitcase was all packed and ready. “Besides, if we hold out until I get back, the sex is going to be intense.”

Daniel leaned in the doorway. “Blah blah blah,” he joked.

I laughed and jumped on him and he caught me in time. I kissed him once more. Twice. Three times. “Persistent, huh?”

“An underrated virtue,” he grinned cheekily.

“So is resistance,” I winked, bouncing off him and returning to my luggage.


Daniel offered to come along with me to the airport. I told him it’d be a waste of his time but he insisted, and I was in no position to refuse my man. Daniel took out his cell phone and took a picture of us in the back seat.

“You’re in a selfie mood today,” I noted.

Daniel laughed. “It’s for our album. What should I title it?”

“Hmmm,” I mused, “’corny couple from California’?”


I faux-bowed as much as I could when one is seated. “Why thank you.”

“Hmmm,” Daniel mused, picking up my jeans covered legs and placing them on his lap, “’Anna gets a massage from boyfriend who will miss her when she goes to L.A for a few weeks’?”

I scrunched my nose. “Too many words for a title.”

“I thought so,” he nodded. “How about, ‘Daniel takes Anna to the airport’ and the date.”

“Perfect.” I rested my head back onto the seat and closed my eyes as Daniel worked his magic on my calves and thighs. “Oh, that feels so good.”

When I opened my eyes I saw Daniel smiling proudly. “A woman’s touch ain’t got nothing on me,” he joked. I giggled with him.

“Hey,” I hesitated, “not to ruin this really perfect send off and all, but I have to tell you something.”

“Oh boy,” he leaned back and concentrated, only keeping one steady hand on my legs and raising the other on top of the seat.

“Don’t look so anxious, it makes me nervous.”

Daniel chuckled. “Just go.”

“Alright, well, remember the other night how you asked me about your friends.”

“Oh, yeah,” he smiled knowingly, “you weren’t finished.”

“No I wasn’t. Well, something happened between me and Valerie.”

“Great,” he muttered, shaking his head slightly. “Hit me with it.”

I recounted the night as I recalled it and as clearly as possible. Just thinking about her made my skin crawl, and I was determined, at every sentence of hers I blurted, that I not immediately scoff and roll my eyes. I managed to only do it twice.

“Wow,” was all Daniel said afterwards.

“Yeah, wow.”

Then, he narrowed his eyes and shook his head. I was anticipating he be disbelieving before he shook his head again and repeated, “Wow.”

“So?” I tried pushing a more elaborate set words out of him.

“How dare she?” he said. “Who is she to say those things to you?”

“I know! Wait—” I furrowed my brows— “you’re not even going to ask me questions or inspect this further?”

“Why?” he shrugged. “I believe you.”

“Hmph.” I lifted a brow. It feels good that I didn’t have to fight him on this one.

“After what happened with the Samantha debacle, I kind of learned my lesson. I believe you. And I’m doing more than that.”

I was lost in an appreciative smile when I caught those last words. “What are you going to do?”

“Valerie isn’t exactly my bestest friend in the whole wide world—” he mimicked a high pitched pre-teen voice, the kind you hear in toy commercials that are always upbeat— “she’s Rick’s friend. They used to go out and he’s infatuated with her still. Like a puppy.”

“Like a puppy?” That’s so sad.

“Unrequited of course, but she seems to make a habit of using that to her advantage.”

“Why are you even friends with her?” I shook my head and cinched my brows into the middle.

Daniel shrugged. “She’s a friend of a friend that I thought was my friend. Well, I shouldn’t jump to conclusions I guess. However, I will talk to her. She has to respect you. See if she really is a friend. Then, if she isn’t, I’ll cut ties.”

“Just like that?” I blinked twice in admiration.

“We’re not that close, for one. And if she doesn’t respect you, then that’s it—” he shrugged— “you’re more important to me than some high school drama I have no care in the world to give.”

At first it felt like I was breaking up a friendship. But then I kicked that thought to the side as I listened to Daniel’s reasoning. And I loved that he was making an effort with me. Thinking of me. Believing me. I know it seems like nothing, like all those things come with the relationship in a package tied with a pretty pink bow, but we’ve come a long way. I’d like to think that it wasn’t just Dr. Shaw that’s helped us, but mostly Daniel.

“I love you,” I said, resting my head on his shoulder.

Daniel wrapped an arm around me and held me close all the way. “I love you, too.”


Daniel’s POV

Returning home wasn’t as fun as leaving. I can still smell Anna’s perfume. The way she spritzes BonBon (I remember the name because it kind of sounds funny) on her skin like it’s food for it. My apartment couldn’t smell any more like her. And only moments ago, she was there, on the counter, and I was giving my all to her. Making sure my own was imprinted into her skin. Her lips. Her hair. Her thighs. Her everything.

In the bedroom, I sat right next to the dress she was wearing. On her, it was unbelievably sexy. I never want that memory to fade during her stay at L.A deluxe or whatever amazing place she’ll be staying at. Only a little while she’s been gone and already the apartment feels hollow and quieter than usual.

I just wish we had sex before she left. Then I wouldn’t be so tormented with only thoughts of her and nothing more. Damn!

I leaned over to one side and pulled out my cell from my back pocket. I scrolled through the contacts until I found who I was looking for, and texted.

‘She’s gone. You can come over now.’

Signed, sealed and delivered!


Trapeze Tunic


17 thoughts on “Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

  1. I’m so lost. Why don’t the posts pick up where the last posts left off? It seems like none of the posts are consistent. Hard to get into when you jump from storyline to storyline. Last we knew Anna was on the bathroom floor with the pregnant woman and she was nursing a broken nose? Now we pick up somewhere else with no mention.

    1. Because I don’t want the story to drag. And I didn’t see any uses for a storyline of Anna and Daniel briefly going to a hospital. In my eyes I feel that I didn’t jump from a storyline to another but rather moved the story along. And I did mention the nose incident in this post but I didn’t dwell on it; in fact it’s stated clearly that it isn’t broken.

      Did you read this post before commenting?

      Soul xo

      1. I’m not trying to be argumentative, but it does really seem hard to follow sometimes. Especially when there’s discrepancies like Daniel really wanting Anna to love his friends in the previous post (not just Lisa) and then oops, I guess it doesn’t matter that Valerie’s crazy, because she’s not really his friend anyway?

        1. All good.

          But to retort, this is why this is in the post: “Daniel shrugged. “She’s a friend of a friend that I thought was my friend. Well, I shouldn’t jump to conclusions I guess. However, I will talk to her. She has to respect you. See if she really is a friend. Then, if she isn’t, I’ll cut ties.””. Also, from the previous post: “Maybe first impressions aren’t all that correct,” which ties into this post because he gives a little more context.

          Soul xo

      2. I did read the post. The last post ended so dramatically and to throw in I’m glad your nose isn’t broken seems disjointed. To me it seems like we jump from one thing to the next without closure. It’s like you bring up the sexy date a few posts back and then nothing more. Readers are left guessing or maybe I’m the only one. The first therapy session and then the next post is completely about something else. Yes I know you wrote of subsequent sessions. I understand wanting to move things along by when you jump around it makes it hard to follow.

        1. I think what you are referencing is really just a reflection of the writer’s style — as she said, she does it to move the story forward. There was a reference in this post to Anna being clumsy and how her nose wasn’t broken and I did pick up that it was intended to close the gap from the last post. I don’t see a problem with not picking up from exactly where things were left in the last post – good story line keeps me reading! 🙂

          1. I too have oftentimes found myself rereading posts. Jumping forward is great but doesn’t need to be as rushed. Over the course of the past few months the posts became so jerky and not like they used to be. I love this blog and try to follow along but find that it’s becoming increasingly hard. Every post seems to end with a cliffhanger now that never materializes into anything much in the next post. Sometimes a relaxing, easy post would be nice to show the realistic side of Anna and Daniel. Relationships are not filled with all drama all the time. This post ended with a cliffhanger as well with Daniel texting whomever. I hope that the next post will get into that and not start anew without any clarity.

            1. I feel the same way and have been saying that a long time.
              Love the characters but it would be a much better read with more consistency

        2. I think the story moves along just fine. The gist of thestory is still entacted because there are parts mentioned from previous posts. It’snot disjointed and in need of a paragraph of back filler. To be honest, I am sick and tired of stories that have a part 1, 2, 3 for a weekend. It draws it out way too long. Soul you’re doing a great job!

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