Anna Has Some Things To Get Off Her Chest

Daniel’s POV

“Tickets?” Lisa asked.

I picked up the pamphlets encasing both mine and Anna’s tickets. “To France. Check!”

“The ring?”

My heart dropped, as it usually does when I worry about dropping big bucks on a diamond and thinking that I’ve lost it. I patted myself down and felt the leather box in my coat pocket. I opened the box and was immediately entranced by the sparkle and shine of such a diamond. “Check,” I breathed.

“It’s mighty damn fine, let me tell you,” Lisa said, her brows up in awe. “She’s going to love it.”

“You think?”

“I know so. Either way it doesn’t matter. I can tell she’s the type of girl that if you give her a plastic ring from a cereal box that she’s going to love it.”

“I used to do that when I was younger you know.”

“Player from the beginning,” Lisa laughed, smacking my arm.

I laughed nervously with her, my mind still on all the logistics of our vacation and my proposal. And I repeated everything in my head. Even after Lisa left. I had the tickets, the ring, remaining spending money, and clothes to pack. At the end of this week, I’m bringing her home, surprising her with the news, and then in November we’re off!


Anna’s POV

“My God,” Will grinned, standing up and meeting me halfway in his office, “how are you?”

“Hi,” I blushed. Will has always been so welcoming towards me, and even though we haven’t spoken to each other in over a year (I think) he still treats me like we’re great, long lost friends. “I’ve been good, how are you?”

Will sighed and gestured to his sofas conspicuously placed alongside the tall window in his office overlooking the city and shiny skyscrapers. “Please. I’ve been great. Life couldn’t get any better.”

“How’s your daughter?”

Will’s smile widened. “She’s great, thank you for asking. She’s actually living with me now.”

“Oh, wow.” Last time I checked, he told me he wasn’t spending enough time with her as she grew up. Now to hear his fully invested in her life makes my heart warm. I can’t measure the love he has for her, but I know it’s grand. “Good for you.”

“Thank you. How are things in New York?”

I rolled my eyes and sighed. “Tiring. But…wonderful just the same.”

Will laughed. “I bet.” He leaned back in his armchair and crossed his legs, facing his body my way. “So what can I do for you?”

I chuckled, now realising this is about the five millionth time I’ve asked Will for a favour. I told him the whole story about Brad’s book, my editor, David, and the reveal of a devastating secret that has the potential to rock an entire company and name at its core.

“Phew,” Will sighed, “that’s…tough.”

“I know. But I know if anyone can handle it, it’s you.” I paused. “Aaaaaand I also kind of have a deadline. We need major fire extinguishing right now.”

Will laughed. “I’m not exactly sure how I can help.”

“What do you mean?” He’s perfect for the job!

“Listen, Anna, if this was a locally based issue then I’d ask you ‘how high’. But you’re based in New York. In fact, this incident affects people who are all based in New York. Don’t you think you need to get someone who is also based in New York to work on this? I mean, how long are you going to be in L.A anyway?”

“By the end of this week,” I said, biting my lip.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” Will said, which only made me turn redder, “it’s fine. I just don’t think I have enough time to fix this in less than one week. Hell, contracts and negotiations for public related contributions take a week! Look, I know someone in New York. As far as I know, he never misses a beat in putting out fires. He’s the captain; owns his own fire house and everything.”

I laughed at his fire- and fireman-related quips. He stood to grab his phone from the desk and dialled immediately. “You’re calling him right now?”

Will nodded. “Yeah. He can get started now and by the time you guys get back, he’ll have contracts and negotiations plus a press campaign to soften the blow of Brad’s reveal ready in no time.”

“Thank you, Will.”

Will winked at me. “Not a problem. It’s good seeing you.”

“It’s good seeing you, too.”


I banged on my mother’s apartment door abruptly until it flew open.

“God, Anna, are you alright?” she asked.

“I’m fine,” I said, a little reserved. “I just need to tell you something.”

She nodded. “Okay. Come in, come in.”

“No,” I shook my head and cleared my throat. “I, umm, I have to get back soon.”

“Okay.” She hesitated, then shrugged. “What is it you want to tell me?”

I breathed in and out and let it rip. “I wanted to tell you that I’m not comfortable with you dating other men. It’s not like I don’t expect you to have a life outside of me. But I just…never thought it to be possible and now that it is, it’s kind of terrifying me. Or something. I’m not ready to meet this Jim guy, and I don’t know when I will be. I’m still hanging on to the hope that you’ll get back together with dad.”

“Oh, sweetie,” she breathed, her eyes softening and her inner brows peaking up in worry and guilt.

I could feel the tears collecting in my eyes and pushed through. The heat on my neck suffocating, the beat of my heart drumming. None of which any of these senses revelling in the sudden eruption of emotions. “I—I’m just not ready,” I sniffed, my voice deepening alongside my struggle to keep my tears from spilling. “I love you and dad. So it’s just going to take some time.” A tear jumped ship, stroking down my cheek. “I just have to get used to the idea that you and dad are—you and dad aren’t—”

In a minute, she grabbed me and pulled me into a hug. I could feel the muscles in my back hardening as I cried into my mom’s ear, practically deafening her, and scrunching her PJs into my fists.

I stayed over that night, receiving notifications from David and Brad and Daniel. David, wondering where I was and what happened with Will; Brad, asking if we could talk (like hell we will); and Daniel, wondering if I was too busy to talk.

I only texted back Daniel. I can deal with David and Brad in the morning.

I’m staying over at my mom’s,’ I sent to Daniel.

Everything okay?’ he immediately messaged back in the same minute.

Kind of.’ Then, in effort to not sound so depressing or worry Daniel, I followed it with, ‘It will be.’

Call me if you need anything. Even if it’s in the middle of the night, wake me up, I don’t care.’

I smiled. ‘Okay.’

Anna, promise me.’

My smile stretched wider, feeling like it’s been a while since I’ve lifted my cheeks. ‘I promise.’

Later on in the night, at 2:03AM, I sent Daniel a text. ‘I love you.’

At 2:04AM Daniel replied. ‘I love you, too.’

***Hi all! Please vote on the poll in previous the post if you can! Thanks to all who have voted, I’m loving the choices! Also, I’ve contemplated giving a sneak peek of my book, and the sneak peek I’ve chosen is: commenter named and signed with ‘mum’, you’re a character in the book! 🙂 Soul xo***


10 thoughts on “Anna Has Some Things To Get Off Her Chest

  1. I get being uncomfortable with parents dating after divorce, but to come out and confront your parent about it is the epitome of selfishness. Maybe it’s easy to forget that your parents are people too; you don’t automatically lose your sex drive or desire for excitement after raising children. I imagine that Anna’s mom already felt egregiously shitty about the divorce, and how it affected Anna, and obviously this little episode would just make that worse.

    1. So you’re saying Anna should have kept her feelings to herself? She’s never actually had a conversation about the divorce with her parents before, you think she should have bottled everything up?

      Soul xo

      1. This is among the many reasons why Anna has a therapist. Talking to a third party would be much more constructive than guilting an involved party for something that really has nothing to do with you.

        1. Anna doesn’t intend to guilt her mother though. Plus, her mother would understand her reservations more and not be left in the dark. It’s also like how people ask for sex advice about them and their significant other to a therapist and the therapist says, “don’t ask me, communicate with that other person”. Couldn’t the same concept be applied here? Although it may sting a little hearing what Anna has to say, in the long run, wouldn’t a mother want to know how her daughter feels regardless of how much it’ll hurt for the time being?

          I also perceive there are things that you say to the therapist, and things you know you should say to the person you need to say it to. The fact that she’s stepping up and actually talking to her mother, instead of hiding behind a therapist, shows a growth in maturity I’d like to see more of in Anna. What happened afterwards is something she can talk about with the therapist. Doesn’t have to be before, or after, or instead of; but in this case, Anna believed she owed it to her mother to know about her reservations regardless of whether or not she’d tell the therapist.

          And I feel like that shows a promising trait in the development of Anna’s character.

          Soul xo

  2. I am humbled and honored to be chosen to get a sneak peek!! And to also be a character…wow! You know I will give constructive feedback.

    Back to the story, I’m totally feeling Daniel’s anxiety. We’ve been here before. I sincerely hope this time it works out. I’m glad Anna talked to her mom honestly and told her how she was feeling. They needed that together time. mum

    1. Lol I meant to say that the sneak peek is that you’re a character in the book. However, it wasn’t my intention to get your hopes up and excited for a sneak peek and then take it away, and I feel so bad, so shoot me an email and I’ll give you a taste of Dante 😉

      I’m happy they finally got that together time too, mostly because I don’t think Anna really fleshed out her feelings before and needed to be with her mother, and her mother needed to be with her.

      Soul xo

  3. I think Anna handled it well with her mum. She didn’t try to guilt trip her, she just laid out her feelings calmly and respectfully. I’m sure her mum appreciated the honesty. It’s normal for it to be hard to see your parent move on.

  4. Aww, my hearts goes out to Anna! I don’t know what it’s like to be a child, or even an adult like Anna, to go through your parent’s divorce. My parent’s have been happily married for 35 years. I think I would react the same way as Anna, though. That would be incredibly hard at any age.

    I am really glad to see Daniel fully supporting Anna and being there for her. This feels like THE California Daniel we all came to know and love as a character. I hope this version sticks around for the long haul!

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