‘Cause You Got Something Special, That Makes Me Wanna Taste You

Coming back home to New York City felt like I won the golden ticket to the Chocolate Factory. I’ve never missed Daniel more so in my life, Jodie was living in my apartment for the time being and I wondered how she was, and I actually miss Jenny and her sex buddy whose name shall be Danny instead of Daniel to avoid confusion. Or, weirdness.

More than any of these things, I was looking forward to coming back home to New York City for all the sex that I knew I was going to have with Daniel. I was horny as hell and for the last few hours before taking off and landing, and even in this cab ride over to Daniel’s apartment, I was thinking of nothing but him that I legitimately worried if someone could tell I was getting wet. If I was getting wet. God, I hope I’m not drenched, but then again…

I was shaking my legs so much, with my lap in my hands that I thought they were going to snap. Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, repeated in my head. The things we’d do, his hands on my ass, his lips on mine; fuck, I want him so bad. Not to mention he’s going to be an amazing stress reliever after all that’s happened in the past couple of weeks.

We cancelled interviews and appearances for the next couple of days after the Cosmopolitan party, to which David couldn’t stop mentioning how much that would have costed the company considering the legal and contractual obligations we had. Then, Brad got a script lesson to exactly say from the contact in New York that Will gave us. David and that contact spoke through phone and email and when David was completely satisfied with his services, they negotiated the contracts there and then. The contact even emailed David a list of topics to stick to, a list of things the reporters couldn’t touch on, and a list of things Brad was and wasn’t allowed to mention. David eased in that regard, and got off my back for the most part because of it. Thank you mysterious New York contact!

I ran through the lobby and into the elevator wishing the entire ride up that I took the stairs thinking that I’d be faster, but I knew I wouldn’t be. Once I hit Daniel’s floor, I jogged down the short hallway and tapped on Daniel’s door, just to alert him I was coming in as I jiggled my own set of keys in the lock. In my frantic, rapid gestures the key got caught and wouldn’t turn, go in further or even pull out. I sighed roughly, just what I need!

On the other side, Daniel was trying to jiggle the doorknob but it must’ve been caught with the key being jammed in the keyhole.

“Anna?” I heard him call out from the other side.

“Yeah, it’s me.”

“What’s with the door?”

“I don’t know,” I said, “the key won’t budge.” And I’m literally about to burst and have an orgasm right here right now!

In my sexually filled tension I kicked the key into the door. Daniel was able to move the doorknob then, and when the door flung open, he looked even sexier than ever. Before the hazy overcast of New York through sheer white curtains, Daniel appeared as if temptation had manifested into Adonis. His hair was dishevelled, and he wore a white shirt (one with rips and holes on the bottom that he’ll never throw out because he swears by its comfort), and blue jeans with a black, leather belt through the loops.

There was a moment there where we both took in each other. I took in his dimples indented into his creamy white skin, his smile, his bright eyes filled with love and eagerness; and I don’t know, he must’ve took in my sweaty-ass look because my body was crying out!

Without so much as a word, Daniel hooked a finger over my skinny jeans and pulled me in, closing the door behind me. His lips crashed onto mine, and he pulled my arms up onto the wall, holding me at my wrists.

“Don’t move,” he whispered as he began stroking me with his free hand, moving it down the length of my arm, tickling me when he went right around the bend of my underarm, and cupping my breast. He pulled my bra down and pushed my breast up to stuff his face into my chest, planting tongue-sloshing kisses atop them and moving down to my nipples.

“Oh,” I gasped. “Daniel…”

With just one hand he struggled to unbutton and unzip my jeans so much that he had to pull his lips back from my neck and concentrate on undressing me. “Fucking skinny jeans,” he growled.

I half-smiled, so wet I could almost burst. Instead, he slowly licked two fingers—his forefinger and middle finger—eyeing me wickedly as he did so, and pushed both fingers inside of me. I yelped and my whole body had a shaking fit at the rush.

Daniel smiled. “Mmm you miss that baby?” He bit my bottom lip, slowly but surely kissing me with his tongue. When he noticed my tongue reacting he grabbed it between his lips and sucked slightly and softly. The connection between him sucking my tongue and his fingers were just what I needed and more.

“Of course I miss that,” I grunted. “Oh, I’ve missed you.”

“Told you we should’ve had sex before we left.”

I chuckled, lifting a brow. “Told you we should wait.”

Daniel laughed at my counter and suddenly pulled his fingers out of me, making me sigh pleasurably. “Bet you’ve got a lot to give me,” he said, sliding down onto his knees.

“Mmhmm,” I nodded, unable to even speak.

“I bet—” he clutched my jeans and underwear together and abruptly forced them down the length of my legs— “you’re just dying to give me what I want.”

I nodded again. “Mmhmm.”

I kicked my jeans and underwear away, way too keen for my own good but, fuck it. Daniel is an amazing, attentive lover and I’m lucky to have him.

Before I knew it, his tongue was inside of me.

“Spread your legs farther out,” he ordered hungrily.

I did as he said, bobbing a little to brace myself and leaning up against the door, clenching my fist over the doorknob. Daniel made smacking and sucking sounds with his lips that made my blood boil with infinite pleasure; just hearing him enjoy me was sexy. He pushed the pad of his thumb onto my clit and rubbed it in circular motions.

I moaned. “Daniel!” My voice peaking with intensity on the tail end of his name.

I was clenching and unclenching the doorknob so much that I inadvertently turned the knob and opened the door onto me, my pelvis accidentally nudging Daniel in the face.

“Oh my God,” I laughed, turning red from embarrassment.

Daniel peered up quizzically but still retained his smile. “You okay?”

“Sorry.” I pushed the door closed with my ass and then crouched down, pushing him back at his shoulders.

Daniel laughed and leaned back at my mercy. He brought the palm of his hand to his mouth and wiped his lips of me.

“You know what I miss?” I asked.

Daniel stared at me, peaking a brow and smiling as he rubbed my thighs. “What?”

I straightened up, with my legs on either side of him, and took off my top leaving my bra on. I leaned down and pushed my lips onto Daniel’s. My hair was resting all to one side and he had one hand on the back of my neck, through my hair, and the other on my ass, squeezing when I bit his lip.

“All of you,” I said. Daniel smiled in response. “Slap my ass.”

“What?” Daniel breathed.

I positioned myself to grab a hold of his stiff cock and pushed him inside of me. Daniel grunted, furrowing his brows and sucking a breath through his teeth.

I waved my hips slowly, back and forth. “Slap my ass,” I told him once again.

“Fuck,” was all Daniel could say. He rubbed my ass on the left side and then slapped me lightly.

“Harder,” I said, picking up momentum.

Daniel smoothed his hand over me once again, and then slapped me. My ass jiggled much more this time but I still didn’t feel the sting.

“Harder!” I screamed, motioning faster as he picked up on the fact that the harder he slapped my ass the faster I moved.

Daniel squeezed my ass, rubbed it, and slapped it so hard I screamed and started laughing. Gasping and moaning the harder I thrust into him; Daniel grunting and moaning with me. “Oh fuck! Anna!” Daniel growled, baring his teeth as he closed his eyes and turned his chin up to the ceiling.

I slowed my thrusts, wanting to have more of him for longer, and started wriggling down his body. I started palming his cock of what was left of me, and began nibbling on his balls as my hand ran up and down the length of his shaft.

“Oh baby,” Daniel breathed calmly, stroking my hair.

I tugged on his balls with my mouth and popped them back out of my mouth. Then I moved up from the base of his shaft to the tip, planting small, teasing pecks as I rose to reach the tip. Bit by bit, I bobbed my head low and up, going lower and putting him deeper into my mouth the more I bobbed, craving his cock, and it driving me to a ruin.

I took in as much of his cock before releasing and straightening up. Wiping the corner of my mouth with the back of my hand as Daniel, watching me, chuckled. “Damn that’s sexy.”

I crawled up his body, aiming to tease him, when he caught me at my legs just as I sat above his head, and drowned me with his tongue. He moved the lips of my pussy aside with his tongue, using his lips to bite me gently, and narrowed his tongue to lap me up deeper and deeper.

“Daniel, Daniel…” I gasped. “Daniel!”

Daniel held my thighs with his arms and put his fingertips as close inside of my ass as he could and squeezed so hard my pussy parted, enough for him to go even deeper and lash his tongue harder.

“Daniel!” I screamed, feeling my whole body shudder when my blood rushed as I came hard and all into Daniel’s eager mouth. The slurping sounds tipping me to the edge and making me bite my lip so hard it teared a slight line down the right side.

Daniel cleaned me up, moaning as he did, finishing every last drop even after I came. I blew a large stream of breath out, trying to shake my head away from my hair surrounding it.

Daniel let go of me, shimmying out from under me as I was able to crawl up robotically and then somehow manage a stand on my wobbly legs.

“Welcome back,” Daniel grinned proudly.

I half-smiled, still panting. “Oh, we’re not done yet, baby.” I unhooked my bra and then motioned my finger for him to follow me.

He did so without hesitation, and we ended up in the shower. Daniel braced me up against the wall as he filled me up with his cock and thrust into me. I held the metal spine of the shower head for support, gripping it so tightly that even under the hot, steaming water my knuckles turned white.

Daniel pulled his face back from my neck and pressed his forehead up against mine. “I love you, Anna,” he breathed.

I smiled. “I love you, too.”

He kissed the spot where my lips bled for a second, and I welcomed the burn of my not yet closed wound. He then moved his arms under my thighs so that my legs were higher up and hanging over his arms as his hands placed on my lower back steadied him. Wide for him, he moved faster and harder, smacking his balls into me, driving himself into me, until he craned his neck back and grunted and growled as he came.

That night, Daniel gave me my second orgasm. Afterwards, we slept together, soundly and at peace.

***So I’ve decided something pretty big and I hope you all can understand. I’m going to be cutting my CaliforniaSoulBlog posts down to one a week and be posting not on Mondays\Sunday but Tuesdays\Wednesdays. SamsonandDelilah will be ending sooner than I expected so then I’ll eventually be going back to posting once a week only for a single scheduled blog. My passion is writing, as you can probably tell, and I have so many stories that I want to write (but one in particular I’m dying to write) but can’t because all my creative energy and juices are focused on my blogs. I write over 2000 words generally for every CaliforniaSoulBlog post, that’s over 4000 words a week, and I just need to shift that focus on actually writing a novel. I also need to focus on writing a novel because I’m hoping to send it off to a literary agent in the hopes of getting it traditionally published, as I’ve come to realise self-publishing ain’t working very well for me in pretty much all aspects (don’t worry, I will still self-publish “In Dante’s Inferno”\Million Dollar Temptation”; sidenote: I think I might try fitting in both titles). I’ve been in a slump lately about my writing career (or lack thereof) so instead of being so self-deprecating and not doing anything about it, I’ve decided to actually shift my focus. This doesn’t mean I’m ending this blog at all. I’m nowhere near ending this blog. In fact, once I finally have a good written draft of my story and send it off to literary agents, I might consider going back to posting twice a week. I’ve thought for weeks about this decision and have been hesitant only because I don’t want to disappoint anyone, but I’ve come to realise I feel that I must do this for myself. So posting once a week will begin this week, after Tuesday’s\Wednesday’s post. To end on a sexier note, check out my twitter for this posts’ featured image (and trust me, you’re going to want to check out that picture)! Thanks all! Soul xo***


13 thoughts on “‘Cause You Got Something Special, That Makes Me Wanna Taste You

  1. Holy molyyyyyyy!!!
    Also… I can’t wait to see what you come out with next! I agree it’s hard concentrating on multiple projects… And 2000 words per post is A LOT. Mine are about half that. You’re an amazing writer! I’m excited!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post!

      I feel like I’ve been writing the word count of someone who’s posting once a week and not twice, so it does take a lot of effort. Thanks for understanding, I appreciate it. I’m feelin’ the love!

      Soul xo ❤

  2. I hear ya, multiple projects are hard. It’s hard for me, and I write freelance for a living. You’re a really solid writer, good luck with literary agencies!

    1. Oh gosh, freelance. It’s hard for me to even get into freelancing. It’s like a secret society, I tell ya lol! Thank you, that really means a lot coming from another writer. Lit agents are hard to please, thanks for the luck! 🙂

      Soul xo

  3. Totally understand! Good luck with your other projects – I love reading all of your stories and can’t wait to see how S&D ends! I will miss reading this blog twice a week but glad it is not ending! So excited for Dante’s Jnferno/million dollar temptation too!

    1. Thank you, and thanks for the luck. Oh, I already know the ending of S&D and I’m excited to write it. It’s just about a certain feeling and I hope I exude it properly throughout the post by Sam’s character. I think the title of that book will be “In Dante’s Inferno: The Million Dollar Temptation”. So that second part is right below “In Dante’s Inferno”. I honestly love Dante *sigh*…

      Soul xo

  4. So I’m a little confused here. The last few posts talk about how he was going to California to see her and propose by the end of her trip there. Then shes finished already and shows up in NYC? Did I miss something or did you just not say?

    While most of the time I enjoy your posts, this however I did not. It was completely different from what you normally post. I’m not a prude…. far from it really, but I just don’t enjoy reading about sex. I enjoyed your blog for so long, it was a great mix of everything. It would touch a little on sex but it wasn’t the main thing nor was it graphic. However this entire post has left me wondering if I will ever come back to read more. I don’t care to read erotica blogs, if I did that’s what I would search for. This blog was never labeled as such and I’m disappointed it seems to have gone in that direction. Where did the original Anna and Daniel storyline go instead of the softcore porn/erotica novella you seem to be attempting?

    1. Aww sorry to see you didn’t enjoy the post!
      He was deciding between going to California and surprising her, or surprising her with a romantic trip to France. He chose France. I mentioned through his POV that he had tickets and the ring and he was prepared to surprise her.

      Soul xo

  5. Not biased at all…. but I love the book title!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Bummed you’re going to just one post/week but understand why and I am so glad you’re still going to continue the blog! Best of luck!!

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