In Dante’s Inferno (sneak peek)

“Oh my God, look at this picture of him on vacation in the Bahamas.”

She turned the screen to face me, the glare vanishing in the process. On it was a picture of Dante in his swimming trunks, coming out of the water. His hair slicked back; the water cascading off his skin; his swimwear sticking to his body like a sculpture, crinkling in all the right places. His green eyes, of course, piercing the photo lens as he grinned with perfection.

“He’s literally staring at the paparazzo.”

“He’s shameless,” I mumbled.


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***Here’s a link to a new post on VANITY&VICE titled, “Hypnot-eyes“. Check it out now! Soul xo***

EDIT: As someone has voted for no more sneak peeks in the previous post’s poll, I will no longer be posting sneak peeks as consideration unless that voter changes their mind. Sorry to all, but you can always check out the actual book. 🙂


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