New post is up! Click the link to take you there: Too Faced!

Does anyone like these articles, are the articles making an impact in any way on anyone, or should I just quit while I’m ahead? 🙂

Soul xo


4 thoughts on “VANITY&VICE

  1. I love your updates but would love to hear more about Anna and Daniel. ..I am wondering how things are going with them. Maybe a certain day is can be about your other projects and one day is designated about Anna and Daniel?

  2. While I love you and your past posts, I think your posts are suffering due too many blogs and stories going on…..Anna doesn’t sound like Anna anymore, and Sampson and Delilah isn’t making any kind of sense. It seems like they’re jumping all over the place, in every post. It’s hard to keep up.

    1. Hmmm well I’ve asked several times if there were any questions or concerns that anyone had for Samson&Delilah before I finish that blog, I just wish you told me then. No matter, it’s passed.

      I’m actually thinking of deleting a couple blogs and just sticking to this one, I’ve always just wanted other ones different from this one to update whenever I wanted and have a change of scenery; and my Wattpad story, VANITY&VICE, and Samson&Delilah gave me that. Especially because the way Samson&Delilah is ending leaves room for another life and story of its own. But I guess I’ll see how I feel after Samson&Delilah finishes and go from there.

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