So I’ve realised there may be a slight chance not many people understand the ending to Samson&Delilah. If you do, awesome! If you don’t, then I’m going to pop a poll below just to see if anyone would like me to point you to the right hints so you can get a good sense of the ending. It most likely will reveal the ending for most people. I’ll leave it up, but make sure to vote before the weekend starts (so Friday being the last day to vote). If there’s one person that said they don’t want any hints, then I won’t reveal anything, and instead, the people who want to know can email me.


7 thoughts on “samson&delilah

  1. I’m glad you are doing this! I enjoyed the blog but was a little disappointed in the ending – I wasn’t going to say anything but I just didn’t get it! It seemed a bit anti-climatic so I am glad you will be giving more of an explanation! The overall story and characters were great – just didn’t get the ending!

    1. Well, someone voted ‘no’ so I can’t do it. But I’m at a deadlock because so many people voted for ‘yes’. It’s hard to accommodate both groups. Also, it’s not like a major twist, I’m actually nervous about how people would take the ending once understood.

      However, to that someone, maybe we can come to a compromise: what if I wrote the hints\references in the comments section of the last post of Samson&Delilah and put a disclaimer like, ‘do not read the comments section as it contains spoilers’ on the top and bottom of the post. Would that be okay, since so many people voted for ‘yes’?

      Let me know. Thanks!

      Soul xo

      1. Oh lol, well, now there are two votes and I don’t know what to do lol. I was just going to ask you if I could do what I suggested in my previous comment, but now, I’m trying to figure out another option because 2 people voted ‘no’. Ohhhhhhh, maybe I’ll put it on VANITY&VICE and I’ll link it to the last post of Samson&Delilah with a disclaimer like the one in me previous comment.

        To mum and the now other person who voted ‘no’, would that be okay?

        Let me know. Thanks!

        Soul xo

        1. Did I vote no? That was a mistake. I want to know what the heck happened. I don’t have a clue. If I voted no, I’m sorry. That was an error.

            1. Oh, my mistake!

              Well, I’m going to post it on VANITY&VICE anyway. The other people aren’t responding to what I’ve asked and I think my suggestion of posting on VANITY&VICE is a way of giving the people that don’t want to know the hints and references an option to not be spoiled. Plus 97% percent of voters want to know and I want to accommodate them just as much as the nay sayers.

              Sorry for the confusion ma! And to Amber, I always love to know your thoughts, as well as plenty of other readers’, so don’t feel shy from commenting! It’s all good! ❤

              Thank you, see you soon! Oh, and remember…keep on keeping! 😉

              Soul xo

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