WARNING! May contain spoilers!

So, because someone figured most of the last post of Samson&Delilah out (which I was really happy about) and commented it on Samson&Delilah, I’ve replied to her comment with what I was going to write on VANITY&VICE and a little addition that’ll tie the ending, with all the hints and references, together.

I’ve also added a disclaimer at the beginning and end of the post so you know what you’re getting into when you read the comments section.

I hope you all enjoy the ending, for the first time, or even more so now!

So check out the last post of Samson&Delilah and read the comments section to set your heart in content…

Soul xo


2 thoughts on “WARNING! May contain spoilers!

  1. Omg I’m so excited I got it (although, I’m so sorry for commenting on it if it that made other readers upset! I didn’t think about that until just now because I was so excited to tell you my prediction/take on the ending!! Lol).

    Such a cool ending! I had to read it twice, but I totally got it. That was such a cool way to end it! Great job Lady! 🙂

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