‘Tis Holiday Season (not a CaliforniaSoulBlog post, but please read)

So last year when I was on vacation I wrote posts without a schedule, and (I think) everyone was okay with it. Well, my schedule is hectic this holiday season and I need to start that up again. Except I don’t remember much feedback on those vacation posts so I don’t know whether you guys were truly okay with it, so here are my two options: 1) I keep posting through this holiday season, irregularly and without a schedule (again, word count and posting will range anywhere from low to high); or, 2) I take a break, stop posting, and come back when the circus of this season has died down with a post pretty much recapping everything (that may be split into 2 posts in the first week).

I know lately it seems like I’ve been quite sporadic with posting but at least I’m posting. I know no one’s really complaining for me to say this but I don’t get as much feedback like other blogs do to know what goes on in your minds, and a writer told me that silence is basically the same as negative feedback lol. I’m trying my hardest to always put in 1000% in my job, 1000% into my novel, and 1000% into writing this blog while at the same time making you guys happy and having a life of my own lol so the struggle is real! So, just don’t be mad or upset or annoyed or whatever.

…..I’m soooooooooo unbelievably tired and exhausted that I’ve remembered and forgotten what I wanted to write after that little disclaimer in the middle like a thousand times……

Basically, it’ll help me if you can decide between option no. 1 and option no. 2, and also in being understanding and awesome and okay that the posts have been a bit sporadic lately.

(Soooooo tired)


Soul xo


12 thoughts on “‘Tis Holiday Season (not a CaliforniaSoulBlog post, but please read)

  1. Definitely Option 1. Even if people have a schedule, I go down my list daily to see if there are any surprise posts. Regarding word count, long posts are always nice, but if there’s not much substance..eh, OK. If a post is short and packs a punch, that’s good, too. Short and nothing is what stinks. Did that make any sense? LOL!

    I’m feeling the exhaustion, too. Burning the candle at both ends. Thanks for writing! mum

  2. I have always been under the impression that silence is positive…. in my experiences it seems that people only want to comment when they have a complaint and if they are happy or content with things, they are fine to say nothing and let things continue the way they are. That being said, I say do whatever flows best with your schedule! Have a great holiday!

  3. I vote option 1 but either really is fine! And I agree with the comment above – I think silence from readers is positive! I don’t get to comment on every post but I read and enjoy each one! I have noticed on the other blogs that readers are more likely to post to criticize or complain! In any event, good luck with everything — hope you enjoy the holidays!

  4. I don’t usually comment, which doesn’t mean I don’t thoroughly enjoy your blog! I look forward to any post you can give. Holidays are a crazy time of year, which makes escaping thru blogs like yours so great. Hang in there and thanks for doing what you do!

  5. Option 1 if you can swing it. I know the holidays are tough.

    I’ve always taken no feedback to mean mediocre feedback, which to me, is much worse than negative. I don’t always comment here honestly because sometimes the posts make me so angry, and I don’t want to come off like a troll or a hater in the comments. It’s not your writing, it’s the characters.

  6. My vote is for option 1 as well. I love looking at my feeds & seein that there is a new post up:) keep up the good work, I love your writing!

  7. I would like to say option 1 but I feel like you should go with option 2. Take a break, and focus on the holiday season. You deserve a break. But really anything you choose is fine. This is my first time commenting but I really enjoy your blog.

  8. I vote option 1 as long as that makes you happy. It’s the season to relax and enjoy friends and family. If you want to wrote, do it, but we all understand if you don’t. i don’t comment bc I read on my mobile device and it’s a pain to sign in to comment. Plus, I’m generally happy with the blog and don’t have much to say. Keep up the great writing! I’ve been with you from the beginning.

    PS I’m also waiting to hear what’s up with Jake. I don’t like this Jack business! And I do like a longer wordcount on that blog, but that’s me being greedy. 🙂

  9. Definitely option 1 as well.
    And I’ve read a lot of the other blogs where people complain non stop (and a couple where the posting really did disappear for a while) and you’re all o have left California soul!!! Lol. I’ll take little posts of nothing. And I think what you’ve done so far schedule wise has been great

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