How’s That For Second Rate!?

“What are we doing here?” Justin asked.

I shrugged. “I just thought that since you’re new I should take you out. I mean, you were so kind to me before.”

“Ah,” he turned his chin upwards and then scanned the bar.

Paul suggested that I take him to a gay bar that didn’t look so flashy to confuse him. He’d look around and see men and women interacting, but also women and women, and men and men. It was the perfect setting for this payback.

I also had to rest easy from the little debacle at the apartment. Daniel hadn’t brought up the proposal and believe it’s because my mind was going haywire with Adam. I mean, I’m happy for him, but really. I guess my frustration lied in the fact that I expected, however irrationally, Adam to tell me something as big as getting married.

“Well,” he started again, still oblivious, “if you ever need a shopping buddy—” he winked— “I’m around any time.”

“Any time?” I warned, lifting a brow as if I’d abuse his so called kindness.

He leaned in. “Any time.”

“Oh, he’s here!” I squealed.

Justin recoiled in his seat and furrowed his brows. “Who’s here?”

I waved at the entrance where Paul entered in his purple suit. “Hi!”

“Hey!” he elongated the word as he approached us. He gave me two air kisses, something we never do but Paul added fine touches to go all out.

I am so ready to make this bitch pay.

“Paul this is Justin; Justin, Paul,” I gestured to the both of them. They shook hands.

“Hi,” Paul said in a smooth, sultry voice, fluttering his lashes and tilting his head.

“Howdy,” Justin responded in a deep voice unlike his own. Sounding more like a rock and mud slide rather than a buttery avalanche of light specs.

Paul shimmied himself, forcibly, right next to Justin. As a result, Justin squeezed in closer to me, but the middle is only ever tight for the middle person.

“And how do you two know each other?” Paul asked as we got into the conversation.

I dived right in. Justin tried to steer clear from looking at Paul, whose own face was so close that at a certain angle they could be misleadingly seen as kissing.

“He helped me pick out a dress for the office party,” I noted in the end.

“Well if I knew you were so cute,” Paul put his hand on Justin’s leg, “I would’ve come and watched.”

“Uhh-haha-ha-ha,” Justin hooked the corner of his mouth upwards, but neither the smile nor the laugh reached his eyes. “I was just helping out.”

“He was my right hand man,” I added.

“Mmm,” Paul stroked a finger on Justin’s arm, “she’s so lucky.” Then he laughed a jittery, uzi sounding laugh.

I covered my mouth to keep from sniggering. Instead, I turned my laugh into a cough. But I was so close to blowing our cover, Paul was just golden!

“Umm, can I talk to you for a second?” Justin turned to me. His face pale and his eyes wide. “Alone…please?”

“Sure.” I leaned out to focus on Paul. “Excuse us.”

Justin and I moved off to the side. I led because I didn’t want us to stand close to the entrance for Justin to have a quick getaway. We ended up further deep into the bar.

“What is this?” Justin asked.


“What do you mean ’what’? What are you doing?”

“Is there a problem?” I crossed my arms over my chest.

“Are you setting us up?”

“Of course! You two would be great together.”

“Uhh no.”

“Why not?”

“Because—” Justin angled his brows— “be…cause…”

“Struggling to find another lie, Justin?”

Justin caught himself and narrowed his eyes on me. “What?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” I shrugged, “I just thought that if you’d want to be pretending that you’re gay just to get with me, then you’d want to have a pretend gay boyfriend for plausibility.”

Justin straightened up once it all came together. Then, he smiled. “Honey, what makes you think I was trying to get with you? I’m no second rate man looking for a second rate hoe.”

He walked around me as my jaw dropped to the ground. How the fuck? Is he insane!? I knew it was just a ploy to get me angry, but I couldn’t help my rising rage, it was burning and building up inside of me. I stormed right after him and noticed him leaning over the table to grab his phone. On the way there, I snatched up a beer from a waitress’s tray against her protest, tapped Justin on the shoulder and doused him with an eye-stinging stench.

Justin hunched over, his mouth in an O-shape and his eyes furious. Bystanders stared on, some pointed and others laughed. It was my turn to grin. “How’s that for second rate?” Justin remained hunched over, as if it’ll help the beer from drenching him even more. “Let’s go Paul.”

Paul had his mouth shut tightly, but he looked like he was just about to burst. He clicked his thumb and middle finger together, and then we were off. Not a word from Justin then or later.


“Where were you?” Daniel asked after the night out with Paul ended without incident and we both went our separate ways. Paul continued on with his night, I was exhausted to death and went back to Daniel’s place.

“I was out with Paul.”

“Oh yeah?”

I nodded. “Yeah. We played a prank on this guy from my work.”

“What guy from work?”

I told Daniel about Justin, how he was new, and our conversation in the kitchen, how he took me out shopping, and that tonight was payback for him pretending to be gay just so he can take a looksee.

“Paul totally messed with his head. I bet he’s turned even if he doesn’t know it,” I laughed. “I mean, serves him right for—”

“Why did you do that?”

I looked at Daniel and found him staring at me angrily. Nostrils flared, temples hollow.

“Do what?” I asked lowly.

“Let a guy in to see you like that. Why would you do that?”

“Didn’t you hear the story? He lied to me just to—”

“Even so, why would you let him in the change room with you? You couldn’t get a sales assistant to help you?”

“What’s the big deal?”

“What’s the big deal?” he repeated, flabbergasted. I sunk lower. “The big deal is that regardless of him being gay or straight you still let a complete stranger—who happens to be a guy—see you half naked.” I stared at him in silence. “One of your girlfriends, or fucking Paul even, I’d understand because at least you know them. This random guy just shows up and you let him in the change room?” He shook his head and looked at me like I committed the most morally unsound act.

“What’s the difference if I let him or the retail assistant in?” I countered. My anger simmering, looming and on the edge. “They’re both strangers.”

“The sales assistant wouldn’t have lingered in the change room with you, that’s one; second, it’s their job.”

“Ugh, whatever, I’m not going to have this trivial argument with you.”

“Oh, you’re not?”

“No, I’m not!”

He pinched his cheek like his tongue tasted bitter, and as a result one eye squinted ever so slightly. “Go to sleep.”

“I’m going! And don’t tell me what to do.”

We were both agitated and lying in the farthest reaches of the bed, hardly sleeping that night.

***Hi all! First off, thank you for all your lovely comments, it actually reassures me with all my efforts. So clearly, as you can probably already tell, I’ve gone with the most popular option, option no.1, but it will be a sort of tester to see if I can match up to it as I still can’t make any promises. I was going to post this when I had new Wattpad posts up but I didn’t get the chance to get to them yet. Hopefully I will today so all you who are asking for updates will actually get at least one post, if any (thank you! It makes me happy to know people are reading the story. I don’t think Wattpad has an accurate count of readers lol). But I’m going to try and get some writing down for my novel as well, so that’s going to be my first priority. Oh and by the way, careful when ordering eyeshadows (or fragile makeup) for delivery (at least internationally) because I spent so much for them (half as a present and half for me) and most of it ended up broken and crumbled and in a sad disarray. BeautyBay is normally awesome, but if anyone has seen the opening seen of Ace Ventura when Ventura is pretending to deliver a package, that is how I imagine my package was delivered, with all the changes of hands it’s been in, to be looking like how it arrived! Again, thank you for the awesome comments before, and to those saying I should take a break. I always mean to take a break then I find myself writing. I can’t help it; it’s a wonderful curse! ❤ Soul xo***


5 thoughts on “How’s That For Second Rate!?

  1. Maybe he wasn’t trying to “get with her” but to pretend to be gay and then call her “second rate” definitely deserved a beer in the face. As for Daniel, I’m not surprised reacted the way he did. It wasn’t OK for her to get so familiar with a random person so fast. mum

  2. I AM SO THRILLED SHE THREW A DRINK ON HIM. He deserved it!! Just EW! What a misogynistic pig! I silently cheered when she let him have it.
    I think Daniel is mad at the wrong person. I mean, honestly. I know Justin was brand new, but she met him at WORK. She can’t help that Justin took advantage of her. If it was me, I can’t say I wouldn’t have just trusted what he said about being gay, too! Normally you take those kind of admissions at face value. I hope Daniel can see that after he sleeps this off!

  3. Well, Justin got what he deserved. However, i don’t think that fully covered his duplicity! Now, Anna needs to agree w Daniel on this one and apologize for her stupidity! If the shoe was reversed, Anna would say the same thing to Daniel! Most people I know don’t even let a Dr see them naked much less a random person.

    Thanks for the post! Keep writing if you’re bored! We won’t mind one bit!
    Merry Christmas!

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