Anna Parker: AMA

Hi guys! Anna Parker here!

I’m hijacking this blog before the year’s out to see if anyone has any questions to ask me or statements to say. Soul thinks it’s a pretty good idea; I don’t. I am not prepared to be grilled!

So ask me anything\state something\give advice\let me know a bit about yourself\or share stories before 7 days is up, because after that, it’s back to reality for me! I’ll be signing off each response with “AP” just so you know it’s definitely me.

…ugh, Daniel is still angry with me. He says it’s annoying that I don’t see his point, but I don’t think he’s seeing mine either. Whatever. Anyway, tonight I’m going out with Jenny and Danny to a pre-Christmas party. Park Avenue, can you believe it? Who does Jenny know in Park Avenue…?


AP 😉


4 thoughts on “Anna Parker: AMA

  1. Lol, I think it is a fun idea although I really want Soul to do an “ask the author” post so that we can send her questions!

    But I will play: Anna, what do you think is going on with your mom? Have you talked to her since your last call? And why were you avoiding Daniel after his “proposal”? I really feel that y’all should talk about it! How do you feel about marriage — do you feel like you are not ready or do you have questions about whether Daniel is the one?

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