AMA: The Author

Instead of doing an AMA for Anna, I’m doing an AMA for myself. So…ask me anything, and I’ll try answering to the best of my abilities!

I’d love to know about you too!

So…ask away…

Soul xo

P.S. All new Wattpad posts will be updated on my twitter. And if I upload more than one at one time, I’ll upload the first and then let you know there’s more. I do want to let you know about a new post but don’t want to upload one here each time I do, thus twitter 🙂


17 thoughts on “AMA: The Author

    1. Hey!

      I’ve been writing since the early days of me in double digits (so around 12-14 years old). Professionally, I have the best job ever…just kidding, I work in retail lol. It’s not too bad. Obviously, it’s not what I want to do in life but I guess some people aren’t so lucky as to get where they want to be sooner rather than later.
      I know a lot of writers answer that last question in the most generic way possible like mine and certain people just roll their eyes and are like, “of course she does” lol but yes, if not real life people, it’s real life characteristics of real life people, or instances, or conversations, etc. Most of the content, however, is through my imagination.

      Thanks for asking!

      Soul xo

  1. Do you already know how you want Anna’s story to end?
    What is your new novel about and/or what genre is it?
    Are you married or do you have a significant other?
    What region/general part of the world do you live in?
    Was there something in particular that inspired you with respect to Anna’s storyline or character?

    Hope you have a fabulous holiday! Thanks for all of the great posts! Love all of your stories and that you stay so connected to your readers! 🙂

    1. Hey Amber!

      I still don’t know how I want Anna’s story to end, and that usually means it’s not ending any time soon. With Samson&Delilah, I knew exactly how I wanted it to begin and end; with The Unspeakable Things, it was the same; Anna’s story, no idea. I think it’s because I’m trying to find the right ending–not necessarily the best one–just what feels right, and I haven’t felt it yet. I don’t think, any time soon, it’s the time for her story to end. And I like it that way.

      Not going to say what my new novel is about. I’m hoping for it to be traditionally published and therefore I want to be as tight-lipped as possible. With that being said, though, I’d probably say it’s a drama\thriller. I find it hard categorising stories into genres nowadays, because I think people have a certain expectation of what a book will based of its genre, and I just don’t want it to be pre-judged because of it. Thanks for asking about it!

      I’m definitely not married, nor do I currently have a significant other. I did have a relationship that lasted about two years that I, at the time, didn’t know it wasn’t a healthy relationship. Currently I’m totally crushing on a guy and I have no idea what to do about it lol. Everyone tells me I should go up to him but I’ve never been the one to initiate with a guy and I just know I’m going to be awkward or something! He’s sooooo cute though!

      I live in Australia. Born and raised, although, I’m not the typical Aussie girl. Don’t look it, don’t act it, don’t say “mate” every five seconds. Actually, Australians think I’m a foreigner. I had this one customer, no joke, try and convince me I wasn’t from here. I kept trying to tell her I was born and raised and she was like, “nooo” then she looked me up and down suspiciously like “you lie” lol. A lot of Australians think I have an accent too, which is strange. It’s all very weird lol. It’s a multi-cultural country, no one’s from there lol!

      Anna isn’t just one person. She has some traits of mine, very few and probably not so huge, and the rest is not only made up but re-imagined, if that makes sense. So, before CaliforniaSoulBlog, before LSP, I had my own blog. It was this rundown type thing that I remember not feeling much for it. Like something was wrong about it and I wasn’t as invested in it. When LSP came about, and there was an audience, I thought, “man oh man, I’d love to write for these people!” and at the same time, I’d be getting in some writing. A writer must always be writing! I think maybe LSP was the catalyst that set everything off for me. But I also wanted to write. I wanted to be heard; I wanted people to read my work. I wanted to move people, relate to people, most of all, I wanted to call myself a writer and write! It’s a challenge though and it’s hard, some people don’t understand it; writing is all I know and love and yet it’s this byproduct of my life. So there’s really two inspirations: LSP; and my own unyielding need to be a writer.

      Thanks for all your questions, Amber! Sorry if I went too far with my answers or strayed off topic or something lol. Thank you for reading; I appreciate you. You have a fabulous holiday, too!

      Soul xo

        1. Lol yes! Someone got it in the very beginning; I know the difference in writing styles, but I just figured, since this isn’t an actual job that requires me to pay attention to the style, then I can just do whatever I want. And I did!

          Soul xo

          1. I had a client (pretty recently, too, lol) who wanted a story with lots of British English-isms (colour, favourite, “Bloody hell!” as a fave expression of the protagonist who of course lived in London) but she wanted American spellings of words like realize, analyze, etc. I felt pretty schizophrenic writing it, ha.

  2. Yay I like this game better! Thanks for all the posts and your dedication it is most appreciated all the way over here in the UK!

    If somebody said pick a place to travel to tomorrow and work/money/etc is no issue where would you choose?

    1. Hi Marnie!

      Oh, how awesome! A reader all the way from the UK. I have family there; it’s a beautiful place! Thank you for reading!

      I’ve actually been thinking about this question all day, also some of the ones from Amber’s questions, and my mind keeps going back to the same answer…Japan. Old and new Japan are incredible in my eyes. It’s a beautiful place, culture, history, food, lights, abundance of weird, cool things, etc., so much more!!!

      It’s also a part of something that I’m not going to spoil for you all just yet. Well, I’ll probably never spoil it unless you all see Japan pop up somewhere in the future and relate it to this. Then you’ll be like “Aha! Now I know what she was talking about!”

      I’m sorry, I’m very tired lol. Thanks for asking!

      Soul xo

  3. My question is how did you come up with California Soul? Was it just a place that stuck in your imagination or that you just vacationed at and fell in love with?

    (Writing to you from Nova Scotia Canada!)

    Can’t wait to see what happens next! I swear I check like 3 times a day for a post just in case lol!

    1. Hi Brittany!

      Nova Scotia!? That sounds so freakin’ cool!

      No, actually on the ‘About’ section of this blog is the song that inspired the title. Not just that, but I also wanted Anna to start from there and then move to New York, not immediately start from New York, as moving and leaving all that you know–people included–and what you’re comfortable with was a theme I wanted to explore. And I know a lot of people found the feel of the blog shifting because of that, but this was something close to home to me that I wanted to include. It’s not just something I pulled out from thin air, but rather a version of loss that I feel isn’t as accounted for in many written works but is just as significant to a person’s life.

      Thanks for asking!

      Soul xo

      P.S. There’s also a remixed version of that song that is also amazing. Let me know if you guys want the link! I’m actually seriously thinking of visiting California next year! To be continued lol….

  4. Hi Soul!!

    I literally had NO idea you were Australian! I always noticed the times you posted were way “off” compared to my actual time – like the blog says you added a new post on 12/24/15, but it’s still only 12/23/15 for me. That explains it! Australia is one of my top 5 places I want to visit at some point of my life. I am so jealous! It has to be so different than my home in Ohio, USA. 🙂

    My question is…. Do you see Anna staying in New York for the rest of the storyline? Or do you see her venturing back to California? I think I am one of those few who really wishes she might go back to California. 🙂 Also, have you ever been to California? Or did you choose Cali on a whim?

      1. Hey kelseyxsays!

        That’s why I’ve always had two time zones on my ‘About’ page. I think it was New York time and Australian time but I may have been wrong lol. Either way, I expected a certain amount of confusion and “aha” moments lol. Ohio? Niiiice! So very cool. I love how this blog is reaching some many different people in so many different places! Makes my heart melt!

        Ooooooohh your question is a toughy. I honestly don’t know what the future holds for Anna, but I don’t see her fully done with California yet. That’s as far as I’ll say without spoiling anything! 😉

        No I haven’t been to California, but I’m thinking of going next year. I’m making a mental note of where I want to go and then I’ll be picking the ones I can afford. So far, it’s down to forty billion places lol.

        My real name is not Soul. It’s very much a fictional pen name that I have attributed my own meaning to. What I mean by that is this: I am here in Australia, born and raised, so my Soul is here, then I identify with American life a lot, therefore, my Soul is there, then I have my nationality–my heritage–my Soul is there too. A Soul is deeper than a body, it’s more multi-dimensional, it’s the roots of a tree whereas the leaves are the physical manifestation that everyone can see; so my body is the vessel (the leaves), and my Soul is everywhere. I didn’t mean to sound so spiritual and hooply-la lol I think, simply put, it’s just what I identify myself with the most.
        Annabelle Jackson is also the pseudonym I used for my self-published works, but I think if I ever get traditionally published, I’m going to use my real name. Maybe I’ll add a little dedication to all the Souls out there too! ❤

        Thank you for asking!

        Soul xo

        1. So very cool! Thank you for your reply!! You are so interesting and I love reading ALL your work; even when it is beyond frustrating to me (*cough cough* ANNA AND DANIEL *cough cough*)!!!!!!! 🙂
          Super excited for the possibility of Anna back in California…… crossing my fingers! X

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