Free Pass

“Why are you calling?” I whispered. I glanced overhead the bed from where I crouched and decided to move into the living room.

“I just wanted to say hi…Hi,” he laughed. His voice was raised to speak over a party that was happening—and it was happenin’!—on the other end.

“Hi,” I shook my head and furrowed my brows. “Is that it?”

“Well, no not really,” he laughed again. Is he drunk? “I wanted to ask you something.”

“Adam,” I sighed and rolled my eyes, about to give him a speech but then decided against it, “never mind, just ask me.”


“Nothing. Just say it.”


“I’m hanging up.”

“No wait! Jeesh, I’m just plain…plain…play-fucking-yin! Fuck!”

“Agro-much?” I mumbled.


I chuckled at the ludicrousness of our exchange. “What’s the question, Adam?”

“I want you to come to my wedding!”

In the background I heard a hurrah from a bunch of guys, the cheerful roar bellowing into my ears.

“Are you insane?” I asked.

“Nope, just drrrrrrunk!” he laughed one last titter, and then I heard a crash and a bang. A bunch of laughter, and then the phone hung up.

Dude didn’t even give me a chance to refuse the offer. Should I refuse? I mean, what’s one wedding for my long lost best friend. All kidding aside, it’s Adam after all. Please can I get a free pass? Pretty please!?


3 thoughts on “Free Pass

  1. Bet Adam was at his Bachelor Party.

    And no. The answer Anna needs to give is a big fat N-O. Adam is in the past. leave him there. #HotMess

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