Anna Falls Asleep…There…


Daniel laughed. “For a second there I thought you were serious.” I stared at him until he got the hint and stopped laughing. “Oh you’re serious?”

“It’ll be out,” I said. “In some café. Real early in the morning.”

“Absolutely not.”


“No, this guy is playing you. You don’t need him to advance in your career.”

“I think he knows Stella’s game and how she’s screwing me over.”


“It’ll help me.”


I sighed and looked down. “I’m…kind of not asking for your permission.”

Daniel tilted his head. “Oh really?”

“Would it help if you came?”

He shook his head and waved his hand. “That fool would think I’m chaperoning you. And I actually did prefer you ask for my permission.”

“This isn’t a sub\dom situation, you know,” I joked.

Daniel rolled his eyes. “Whatever.”

“Daniel…” I urged.

“Forget it, I got work to do.”

He ushered into his room and closed the door. I peered down at his ASUS laptop on the dining room table and stroked it.

“Ugh,” I huffed. “I’m going out!” I yelled while texting Paul.

I met Paul at a club and he was way into the drinks. His text looked like what a seizure would appear to be through texts. Mix in some vodka and voila, incomprehension.

“Anna!” Paul hugged me.

“Hey! How are you?”

“Good! Good! Good! Good!” he laughed.

I giggled. “Good.”

Johnny came into view. I restrained myself but remained cordial. I nodded. “Hey.”

He nodded back. “Hey.”

“You guys act like you’ve never met!” Paul shrieked, squealing on the last word.

Johnny smiled, eyeing Paul. “We’re good.”

“Yeah,” I shrugged, “we’re best friends.”

We’re just always weird around each other.

“So what brings ya ‘ere?” Paul asked.

“Had a small fight with Daniel.”

“Shouldn’t you be at home talking to him?” Johnny snidely commented before taking a sip.

I narrowed my eyes. “Thus the fight, Johnny.”

“Well, nothing a drink and make-up sex can’t fix!” Paul said before shouting at the bartender for rounds.

“I really shouldn’t,” I said.

“What are you, on some sort of detox or something?” Johnny said.

“So I guess you’re on the ‘all alcohol detox’ with the way you’re going?” I shot back.

“Hmph,” Johnny grumbled.

“Hit me, Paul!”

Well, I got hit quite a few times that I ended up tumbling my way home. Despite Johnny and I not really meshing well, he still managed to make sure I got home safely.

I dropped my key several times on the floor that I resorted to knocking on Daniel’s door. Daniel opened in a second.

“Where were you? I called you a million times!”

“I told you I was out,” I giggled.

“With who? It better not be—”

I crushed my lips onto his and pushed him backwards. “You talk too much,” I said, sauntering towards him.

I pushed him all the way into his bedroom and on the way undressed his bottom half. I rubbed him to get him immediately hard and then nudged him onto the bed.

“We need to talk…about…this…sh….” Daniel started to drift off when I put him in my mouth.

I worked my way up and down. Giving special attention at the tip. When I pulled up slowly, I closed my eyes and started to feel my eyelids getting heavy. And then, I feel asleep.

“Anna!?” I heard Daniel call.

I shot my head upwards. “Wha—wha…?”

Daniel couldn’t help but laugh. I think I heard a tinge of embarrassment though. “I think you should go to sleep.”

“Nah-uh, nah-uh,” I shook my head, going back to blowing him.

Up and down. Up and down. Up…and…

In the morning, I was horrified to find out that I had not only fallen asleep on Daniel’s penis, but that I was snoring for two seconds until Daniel realised and tipped me over.

***Hey all! Hope you enjoyed this post and the VANITY&VICE ones! Soul xo***


4 thoughts on “Anna Falls Asleep…There…

  1. Why don’t I remember the falling out between Anna and Johnny? I always thought they got along…?

    I keep waiting for Anna to get her shit together, but she always reverts back to her same self-destructive tendencies.

    Interested to read your Vanity&Vice stories!

    1. I don’t remember the drama between Anna & Johnny either. Maybe I read too many blogs, or maybe it wasn’t a huge deal but just some awkwardness. mum

  2. didn’t Johnny like Anna at one time? What happened to the guy (co-worker)that admitted to Justin that he wanted to be more than friends w Anna?

    What did Anna expect Daniel to say? I don’t know which is worse -she actually asked Daniel’s opinion or she is considering meeting Justin for Breakfast. Why can’t he just tell her what the jargon he wrote actually says? Is he considering this a ‘date’? Why the secrecy?

    Not surprised at all that she goes out and gets drunk. Same old Anna.

    I’d still like to be clued in about her line of work. Why is she getting paranoid about someone ‘besting’ her?

    Looking forward to the new stories!

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