Got Me Writing Love Songs, With A Common Refrain Like This One

***Super early post***

We returned to New York that same weekend and delve into a full week of work. The entire journey back Daniel seemed distracted, even when I held his attention, there was a thought flickering on the back of his mind and right behind his eyes. He saw me, and saw something else. I wanted to know immediately what it was but I didn’t want to pry so soon. Clearly it was a revelation that took him by surprise. I could only imagine it was something Sandy had done. Or said. Or both. With the way she was snickering with her friend, I wouldn’t be surprised.

On Tuesday, Daniel arrived back to his apartment shortly after I did. I was already in my pyjamas, changed out of my work clothes as soon as I got home because I was so tired and just wanted to be comfy. I cannot be the only person that does that.

“Hey babe,” I kissed Daniel on his cheek.

He grabbed the back of my head just as I pulled away and pressed his lips up against mine. “Hey sweetie.”

“Mmm, warm welcome,” I noted.

He slapped my butt when we departed. “You know it. I just think of us living together full time and get so excited. I love coming home and seeing you here.”

“Aww, that’s so sweet.”

“And I hate dropping you off at your apartment sometimes. It’s like a Fed Ex took a wrong turn and gave up or something.”

I laughed. “Where are we getting all of this from?”

“From the weekend—” he held up a finger in warning and held my gaze— “where we will check out a new apartment. We let too many good ones go.”

I traced a finger over my chest in a pattern. “Cross my heart.”

Daniel nodded. “Good. I’m going to get changed. What are we eating tonight?”

“Umm, most likely pizza.”

“Pizza?” he furrowed his brows quizzically. “I thought you were making spaghetti?”

“Well, I was. I did.” I started to feel myself turn red. “I kind of screwed it up.”

“How does anyone screw up the easiest thing to make?”

I tilted my head from side to side. “Well, the spaghetti is uncooked and the sauce has solidified, so…”

Daniel burst out laughing. “What?”

I turned even redder, the colour spreading to my neck and the heat unwavering over my skin. “Daniel! Don’t laugh, it’s really embarrassing!”

“Aww—” he spread his arms out and walked towards me. I sank into his hug like a key to a lock— “my poor, girl.”

“Don’t tell my mother. She’d kill me,” I chuckled.

Daniel kissed the top of my head. “You really should have seen your mother.”

I pulled away. “Daniel…”

He held up his hands in surrender and then brought them to his tie, unravelling it from its knot as he paced to his bedroom. “Just saying.”

I sighed. Too tired to get into another argument with him about whether or not I should\should’ve see\seen my mother. I’m afraid I will never forgive her; and I’m afraid to tell Daniel.

We set up camp on the couch as we waited for the pizza, I was leaning my back on Daniel with my feet up on the couch, flipping through the channels on TV and sipping wine when I remembered Sandy and Daniel’s weird, distant demeanour as we travelled back.

I cleared my throat. “So, did you enjoy our trip?”

“I did.”

“Everything went well?”

“I think so. Don’t you?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“I’m glad.” He brushed the length of my arm in the silence.

“So…did….Sandy do something or say something or…something?”


“You seemed so far off since we left the bar. You seem back to your normal self now but I feel like something was on your mind the whole time.”

“Oh,” he said. I could hear the smile in his voice. “Yeah, Sandy did something.” My heart dropped. The shock may be because I truly wasn’t expecting that. “She showed me something, really.”

All I could picture was Sandy’s naked body paraded in pictures she took as sexts and saved to her phone for future references. Until her unrequited lover returned and she could show him. My mind ran wild as thoughts of Daniel sliding through her pictures overcame me. Why, why, why, did my mind have to go there? Why did it have to overreact? It’s because I think Daniel’s hot isn’t it? And that I think everyone thinks so, too! Everyone wants him, it’s a conspiracy, I tell you. Okay, I need to calm down.

“What did she show you?” Here’s hoping she had corrective surgery and it’s a dick pic.

“News of my father,” he said, his chest jittering as he chortled. “His girlfriend his pregnant. She was congratulating me.”

I sat up and faced Daniel. All thoughts of Sandy vanishing. “Holy shit.”

“Yup.” Daniel just smiled. How was he taking this so lightly?

“Richard is going to have another kid? At his age?” the shock unmistakable in my voice.

Daniel nodded. “Can you imagine? A step-sibling.” He rested his head back atop the sofa-head and sighed.

“How do you feel about that?”

He shrugged. “I can only hope that he’s a better dad to his child than he was to me.”

“Will you want to see the kid?” It was a heavy question.

“Well, seeing as how I’ve been lecturing you to see your mother, I should think so.” He laughed.

I angled my brows down and shook my head. “How are you processing this so calmly?”

A knock jabbed on the front door repeatedly. Daniel rubbed my knee. “With pizza, wine, and my girlfriend by my side.” He kissed me on my neck and then stood.


St. Patrick’s Day was hectic. The office was covered in a green, Irish theme and I felt under the influence just looking at the decorations the entire day. Work still went on as normal and I got a bunch of invites for weekend parties. I asked if I could bring Daniel along so he could get to know my friends a bit more and they were delighted. I was bound to bump into Justin or Brad or Stella at one of these parties, but I’d like to think I have enough kahunas to not give a damn. I undoubtedly wouldn’t be seeing David at one of these parties. Invites for him are to the Carlyle for drinks and dinner while the drunks are out loose at dive bars.

St. Patrick’s night was left to Daniel and I alone. My street was pretty empty save for a car or two that passed and a couple prancing by us. Daniel was walking me back to my apartment in the cold, hand-in-hand.

“Is St. Patrick’s Day really any different to any other day?” Daniel asked.

I shrugged. “I think it’s just there to warn the next day employers that we may be drunk, and rightfully so.”

“You’re right,” Daniel joked with me, nodding. “Every other day that’s just called ‘avoiding the boss’.”

I laughed. “Oh, I’d avoid David like the plague.”

“I can’t imagine what my new co-workers would think of me this early and so drunk.”

“Let’s save it for the weekend.” I winked. Daniel nodded. “By the way, how is work going?”

“Pretty good.”

“Pretty good?” I squeezed his hand. “And…?”

“And…” he stopped and pushed me up against a wall a block away from my apartment. “And I’m feeling for a little play right now.”

I smiled as Daniel cornered me between a stoop and a wall. His kisses feverish all over me before he crushed his lips against mine. I turned my head out of his kiss. “Daniel…” I breathed. “It’s too much for here. Out in the open.”

He moved his hand down under my skirt, feeling me up expertly through my stockings. “No, it’s just right.”

I sifted my fingers through his hair and held his lips over mine. His breaths hot, his tongue warm over my bottom lip before sinking into my mouth, searching for mine. My body was immediately so warm that I felt his hard-on big and pulsating up against me. My hands shot downwards and grabbed him. He moved in and out of my hands.

“Daniel,” I breathed, my eyes closed as he vibrated his fingers up and down, “you’re making me wet.”

“That’s the idea.”

“I’m going to come.”

Daniel laughed devilishly, lifting a brow. “Hmph, that’s an even better idea.”

Every now and then I would open my eyes to keep a look out for anyone. I’d control my breathing and moaning (I’m really loud) as much as I could and it took effort I didn’t know I had to try and contain myself. When Daniel pushed his hand through my stocking, and his finger searching my sweet spots, I was nearly on the brink. I moved my body with the rhythm of his hand, in and out, up and down, his other hand holding me at my waist.

“Oh,” I almost yelped, “Daniel…”

“I love you,” he purred, his lips near my ear. “Come for me.”

He brought his lips down on mine again and fought his way through with his tongue. I did as I was told, shuddering above his relentless touch as I came with my head turned upwards and him gnawing at my neck.

“Stay with me tonight,” I whispered afterwards. Daniel chuckled as he pulled his hand out and steadied me. I shook my head and smiled a lazy smile. “No, not because of that. I just want you sleeping beside me tonight.”

“You see, this is why we need to live together.”

I kissed him. “Stay with me.”

He smiled when he pulled back, pushing hair away from my face and behind my ear. “I thought you’d never ask.”


2 thoughts on “Got Me Writing Love Songs, With A Common Refrain Like This One

  1. Enjoyed the post!
    Nice to see them as an engaging couple doing things together.
    Daniel has the right idea about the soon to be family member. Not surprised about Richard’s expected bundle of joy. Anna should have met w her mother. It’s eating her up inside.

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