How are you?

Hello lovely, Souls! How are you?

I never ask how you all are and I’ve realised I’ve sat here posting sick days or delays for reasons or news about my life or whatever and I just realised I never ask what’s up!

So…how’s everyone’s week? Hope it’s been good to you!

If you don’t know how to answer, or don’t want to, then let me know what your favourite moment (or least favourite *dun dun duuuuuuuun*) from CaliforniaSoulBlog or Samson&Delilah was! If you want to answer this regardless then comment below and let me know! I have plenty of favourites, but one of mine was the affair between Sam and Alexander. I very much enjoyed the reaction to that post and how cunning Sam was! Too many to choose from from CaliforniaSoulBlog lol!

See you next week! ❤

Soul 🙂


4 thoughts on “How are you?

  1. Hey, chickee. It’s been kind of a blah week. Fighting a cold, sneezing, coughing, runny nose, etc. Still gotta go to work, though. Re the blog…I’m kind of feeling detached from Anna’s story lately. I feel like the proposal or lack of is like the elephant in the room and each post I’m like “is it gonna happen now?”. What happened with Stella? Wasn’t she trying to sabotage her? Then Daniel’s dad’s GF is PG. We still don’t really know wth happened with her dad. We don’t hear anything about Brad for weeks then he’s paying a photographer to publish pics of them.

    Maybe if I was reading this as a book, things would make more sense. But reading them as posts with gaps of time in between leaves me struggling to remember who did what. I forget people’s names, there’s the guy from Cali who moved to NY who she hooked up with but didn’t want then he had a GF and wasn’t he at the wedding she was just at. There was a gay friend or two in there who seemed fun but the one was jealous of her. There was a neighbor in there and “Danny”. IDK…I’m just rambling. Please don’t take it as a complaint, just one reader’s perspective.

    Thanksl mum

    1. From your comment I’m starting to get the feeling I should focus less on Anna and Daniel and more on Anna and other people. It has been quite saturated with them as a couple but I didn’t know that may have been a bad thing until now. I might speed up the proposal as well if it’s giving off this ‘long overdue’ vibe. I just need one or a couple things to happen first, then the proposal, for something to happen subsequently, just got to get that first thing to happen first. If that makes sense…

      Thanks for responding even though you’re sick! Get well soon!


  2. Hey! Nice to see you connecting with your readers – you always do so well with that! I have been super busy – still read every post but haven’t had time to comment! Work is keeping me busy plus my 3 year old son just got his tonsils out- he is recovering well thank goodness!
    My favorite parts of the blog are the stories about Daniel and Anna but I like reading about her friends and work too! One thing that seems unresolved to me is what happened with her dad – it is hard to believe she wouldn’t get to the bottom of it right away. That is a big deal to lose your dad and not know what happened. Other than that, I am enjoying the story line!

    1. Hey Amber!

      Thanks! I try to engage with everyone who reads all my blogs as much as I can ❤ Aww the tonsils! Your boy is so brave, I'm such a baby when it comes to the dentist\orthodontist.

      Yeah, I'm still trying to figure out what the relationship between Anna and her mother will be so right now it's in limbo. So questions will unfortunately be unanswered for now. But I do get that it's sort of left hanging in the air, I feel that way too.

      Thanks for responding Amber! Hope your son heals well!


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