Speak of the Devil

***BONUS post***

“Something up?” I asked, sitting down on my chair, slipping my bag down.

A knock on the window jolted the floor. Those closest to my cubicle saw David waving me over into his office. When his back was turned and he was pacing back to his desk, Noelle whispered behind me, “Picture!”

I closed my eyes, robotically stopping and restarting in my tracks towards my doom. I knew it. I knew it. I should’ve told him first. Fuck, I’m in the deep now.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Take a seat, will you.” I walked hesitantly forward and sat. He threw a newspaper on my lap. “Want to explain to me what this is?”

I was only staring at the picture in confusion to buy myself some time. I looked up and all I could come up with was, “A photo op.?”

“I thought you had a partner.”

“I do.”


“No, I mean, I do and there’s nothing between Brad and I. This is just gossip.”

“You do understand that if I find out you’re fraternising with the clients, I have to let you go. It’s a massive breach in our professionalism. We don’t offer any other service—” he put emphasis on the word, making me feel like a hoe caught on camera— “besides book publishing, are we understood?”

I gulped and nodded in silence. I wanted to peep that there was nothing going on but I opted to stay quiet instead.

“If you do have something going on, I suggest you cut it immediately before it ends up being a huge mess.” Then he mumbled, “No one wants another Monica Lewinsky on their hands.” He looked back at me. “You are dismissed.”

I hastened out of there and plonked onto the chair. “What the actual fuck?” I hissed at Noelle.

“Was he mad?”

“He was pissed!”

Something in the distance caught her attention. “Look,” she nudged her chin upwards in that direction, “speak of the devil.”

I jolted up from my seat, grumbling under my breath the entire way towards him. I hurried my pace when he hit the elevator and slipped in just in time.

“What the actual fuck, Brad!?” I yelled once the doors were closed.

“You know, these aren’t sound proof.”

“You’re messing with my life here, do you know that!?”

“Meh, so what?” he shrugged.

“So what? Are you kidding me?”

He pushed the STOP button and the elevator crashed to a halt. He turned around. “I’m sure you like the attention so cut the bullshit.”

“What are you doing?” I shook my head. “Let the elevator go.”

“Why are you so against a little fun?” he grinned.

“This is not fun for me. You’ve just added a negative moment to my perfect reputation. This could affect my standing in the company. Why would you do that!?”

He shrugged. “There’s no good reason really. I’m just bored and I wanted to have a little fun. Rustle some feathers, that sort of thing.”

I narrowed my eyes and scoffed. “You are detestable,” I lunged forward to let the STOP button go.

As soon as my arm was around his body he slipped his hands around my waist and pushed me back. He put me up against the wall and started to kiss me. I wasn’t thinking at first, imagining that it was Daniel kissing me, Daniel pushing his tongue in my mouth, Daniel sliding two fingers upwards and downwards between my legs—until I bit his lip and pushed him off of me.

“Ah fuck!” He touched his lip, pulling back and laughing. “You bit me.”

“You’re lucky I didn’t rip your balls off,” I said breathily, not realising the elevator had come to a stop and the doors were fully opened to a crowd, among them was Stella.

Brad fiddled with his pants and belt, eyeing me and winking. “Thanks for the ride.” He said it just loud enough for the audience to hear and left.

The crowd filtered in and I shuffled to the back corner. “Oh, Darrel, no” Stella said, turning to me “this one’s going down.”

Everyone chuckled at her joke.

***Hey, I wanted to do something a little different and actually involve you readers in the story by getting to decide what she should do. Hope you enjoy immersing yourself in this way! You can only vote once so choose wisely***


13 thoughts on “Speak of the Devil

  1. Why does Anna do stupid stuff like that? Take a ride in an elevator with a guy her boss just asked her about seeing? A guy who is not above using her. Dumb. Dumb. No, that’s stupidity!!! Doesn’t she get it? Appearances are everything! Does Anna have ADHD?! She is way to impulsive!!! She never stops and thinks before she acts especially if she’s mad. She’ll be lucky to keep her job now.

    1. I have to agree. Girlfriend is such a reactor and it always ends up going against her. Damn him and his cocky ways…just for fun, just because he can. She should call Stella on her shit and not allow her to be disrespected in front of everyone. mum

        1. See I kind of disagree. She put herself in these positions and has no right to act like the victim. Stella should call her out, she should get fired and Daniel should be pissed. The chances of that happening….zero. Because it’s Anna and she gets away with everything and is always the victim. Why did she follow Brad? Why did she let him kiss her? I’d knee a man if he tried that with me not imagine he’s my boyfriend.

  2. See this what I don’t get…she’s kissing and letting Brad finger her all while imagining it’s Daniel. This girl is a flake and as unlikeable as they come. Fucked up that Daniel is going to end up proposing to such a woman. How many times is she going to cavort with other men? She comes off so stupid and selfish and I personally wouldn’t want to be her friend.

      1. I’ve read this blog, taken breaks, come back to find the same immature Anna. I use to chalk it up to youth but now it’s pure selfishness and stupidity. Daniel deserves better. He needs a good, honest woman that will love him unconditionally. Anna clearly doesn’t. She is the worst character ever.

  3. As someone who has a boyfriend, I would NEVER let another man close enough to me to kiss me let alone touch me the way she let him. And I’m sorry the whole “I imagined it was daniel” thing sounds like an excuse cheaters use and there’s no way Daniel will fall for it.
    But I still think Stella should be punched in the face.

  4. Honestly, it’s like she is trying to get fired. I think her subconscious is wanting to scoop up Daniel and move back to California with him and leave all this New York City idiocy behind.

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