Fire & Ice

I was awoken by Daniel’s kisses on my thigh. He had parted my legs without my knowing and I woke up finding myself spread eagle with Daniel’s head between my legs bobbing up and down and tilting right and left. Precision kissing. Like an Olympic sport. He was concentrating so hard to please me; and pleased I was.

“Ever since we got back I haven’t been able to keep my hands off you,” he muttered in between kisses.

I smiled, still sleepy, going from one form of dreaming to another. “I’m not complaining.” I stretched my arms and legs, my knees and elbows cracking.

He rubbed my underwear laden skin with four fingers, up and down, slowly teasing. Watching me as I squirmed when he’d hit a sweet spot and smile that devilish, dimple-ridden, smile.

I moaned. Unable to help myself from closing my eyes and slipping back. So glad it’s the weekend otherwise I’d definitely be late to work. Matter of fact, I wouldn’t even show up.

Daniel slipped a finger on each end of my underwear and peeled it downwards. I bent my knees up and then opened wide for him again once he threw the cotton behind him. He dipped his nose in between me first, only the tip, and then turned his head up to pressure my skin with his tongue. He’d rise up and suckle at the tip, bringing the tongue back down and then repeating. His movement was so slow that where his warm tongue would leave a coolness was exposed. Fire and ice.

My cell sounded off, of course. The alarm was set with a vibration but as I became more and more alert I realised that this wasn’t the alarm. Someone was calling me. I turned over, and for a fleeting second, I glanced the name flashing on the home screen: Brad (a.k.a dickwad).

I fumbled for the phone and swiped to end the call. That didn’t help. When I thought I could focus back onto Daniel, the phone rang again, and his name popped up again.

“Who is it?” Daniel asked.

I shook my head. “It’s no one,” I breathed, wanting more. Damn Brad and his interruptions! I wish blackberry had a block option.

Daniel propped himself up with the extension of his arms. My stomach inflated and deflated as I panted, having lost the amazing head I was enjoying. “Who is it?” he asked again, grinning, knowing that this was like a torture interrogation for me.

“Brad,” I sighed. “He’s a douche. He won’t stop calling me and I’m so sick of changing my number every time some asshole puts so much as a dent in my life.” I ran the palms of my hands up and down my face and then drew them back onto the bed.

Daniel bit his wet lip. “Answer.”

I peered down at him. He was smiling, not the least bit angry.

“Huh?” I asked confusedly.

He shrugged and then began to lower. “Answer the call.”

Daniel’s lips were inches away and I’d have done anything let alone answer the call. So I did. In that instant, Daniel pressed his tongue against me, wrapping his arm around my leg and squeezed my thigh. Eyes on me.

I tightened my lips together to keep from making so much noise. Did I mention I was a loud sexer?

“About time,” Brad laughed.

“ThefuckyouwantBrad?” I quickly shot out.

He laughed again. “Whoa, moody this morning, are we?”

Daniel lifted his head and whispered, “Put him on speaker.” So I did.

“Just calling to see about that lunch date?” Brad asked.

Daniel furrowed his brows. I rapidly shook my head and rolled my eyes. Great, I’ve been avoiding this guy like the plague, and the one conversation I’ve had with him in front of Daniel I’ve given the wrong impression. Matter fact, the worst impression.

“Fuck your lunch date Brad, I’m busy.”

“On the weekend?”

Daniel peeled himself off of me and crawled up. He grabbed my phone out of my hand and held the speaker end near his mouth. “Hey, how are you?”

For three whole seconds there was silence. “Who is this?” Brad asked.

Daniel grinned. “I’m Daniel.”

“Ah, Anna’s girl, right?” Brad didn’t even sound the least bit uneasy. Actually, annoyingly, he sounded cocky.

Daniel chuckled. “Right, right,” he nodded. “Hey, listen, do me a favour?”

Brad snickered. “Sure.”

“Call back later, I’m in the middle of eating my girl out.”

I threw my hands over my mouth and widened my eyes. Oh my God! Did he just say that!? He said it so casually too, like he was just having a normal, everyday conversation!

“Uhh…umm—” Brad laughed nervously, probably as red hot as I was— “sure…?”

“Thanks, man.” Daniel hung up mid another ‘uhh…’ of Brad’s, and chucked the phone on the other side of the bed.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe you just did that!”

Daniel laughed. “What can I say—” he crept upwards and suckled on my breast— “I want to fuck you all day today. No interruptions.”

“Oh, I’m so game,” I said, pushing him onto his back and mounting him. Rubbing myself over his hard-on underneath his briefs. He slapped my ass, jiggled it hard, and then slapped it again, the sting strong.

We got fully naked in about half a second and went at it like two virgin rabbits with a knack for knowing each other’s bodies expertly. There’s no denying how weird this started out, but how amazing it was experiencing multiple orgasms.

Oh, and Brad…he never called back.