Wasting Away The Night

So today I totally realised our therapist is biased. What’s worse is, I was sort of agreeing with her. The good doctor had a tendency to phrase her statements and questions in a judgemental manner. Judging our judgements even. To answer our need to be with each other despite our differences she lifted an eyebrow and pouted her lip while she said, “And you two believe that’ll last, do you?” Well, not when you put it like that, Doc.

I think Daniel was feeling it, too, because after the gruelling session—whereby we were indirectly being told how couples don’t last based on differences, they last because they want the same things—Daniel and I hadn’t spoken a peep going home. Make matters stranger, we were both going home together. There was no, “I’ll meet you there” or “I’m going out for a bit, come back soon”. We seemed as if two strangers happened on the same elevator. He was mulling over thoughts just as much as I was, I could feel it. But even so, we didn’t say a word. After many sessions of therapy we are still nowhere near savant-level.

“Hey, I think I’m going to go out tonight,” I told Daniel as soon as we entered the apartment.

He threw his keys on the table at the entryway, but I kept mine in my hand as he turned around and faced me. “Where?”

I shrugged. “I’m thinking with Noelle somewhere. Anywhere.”

He nodded, seeming indifferent, and walking away. No, definitely not like Daniel. We were feeling the exact same thing; an unease. And I needed to get out of the funk.

So I called up Noelle to take me out and of course she’s attached to the hip to Leo. For some reason I was just not looking for a mixture of girl’s and guy’s night out. I just wanted to talk to Noelle since she was the only other person, besides Daniel, that I spent most of my time with.

So instead of airing it out, I decided to take shots like I was Lil Jon. Going crazy. Letting loose. And the more my mind got blurrier the more I felt a weight lifting off my shoulders.

“So when’s the big day again?” Noelle yelled above the pounding music.

“Whoa—” Leo shot his confused gaze between Noelle and I— “what big day?”

Noelle rolled her eyes and grabbed my ring finger, nearly cracking my fingers as she bent them his way.

Leo widened his eyes. “Holy shit how did I miss that!?”

“You’re a guy, it’s in your nature,” Noelle said, rolling her eyes again. “Anyway, when is it?”

“Uhh, I don’t know,” I shrugged. “We still haven’t decided.”

“Oh come on, Anna!” Noelle jumped up and down. “Work faster. Shit’s booking up like crazy, by the time you pick a date you’ll be 75 years old and married for the first time.”

“Thanks for the pressure.”

“What pressure?” Leo jumped in, bobbing his head to the music. Some girl dry humping his waist as he angled towards us.

I groaned and thankfully the music masked it. “Nevermind.”

“Book, book, book, book…” Leo and Noelle chanted together.

I smiled, shaking my head, and down another shot before I hit the dancefloor with them wasting away the night.


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