“I Think I Found Eric.”

***Instead of easing out the Daniel and Adam storylines, I’m going to finish it up in a few sentences right here. Anna finds out that Adam never told his fiance, gets pissed and refuses to see him. Adam doesn’t see the issue in that but he goes on his merry way regardless. Anna and Daniel reconcile and still remain friends in the loosest definition of the term possible. Meaning, they’ll always be there for each other, but as of now, they’re going to move on and go their separate ways. Enjoy the new post.***


“A skype interview? Isn’t the job based in L.A?” Janet asked.

I shrugged. “I thought it was weird, too. But he said it was going to be busy.”

“Like, on the run busy?” Chloe leaned in, lifting her brow speculatively.

I smiled and rolled my eyes. “No. I guess he’s going to be on the move and doing the interview. Like in his car or something. That’s what Tony said.” I shrugged.

“Sounds good either way,” Janet said.

“Yeah, then I’ll only have to dress the top half of myself.”

“Yeah, don’t put work pants on,” Chloe lifted her shirt up and out on repeat a few times. “It’s hot as balls out here.”

“Hey, when’s Jodie coming again?” I asked Janet as I waited for the Skype call.

“Well,” Chloe sighed, “we were supposed to pick her up…” she eyed Janet.

Janet shrugged. “She told us not to worry. She was going to grab a cab.”

Chloe shook her head and mumbled, “Bitch could’ve gotten the ride for free.”

I chuckled lowly. “At least she’s coming.”

“I like what you’ve done with the place, by the way,” Janet said, skipping to another conversation. Probably in an effort to avoid fighting with Chloe about whether or not letting Jodie grab a cab was a nice thing to do. Like it’s not the 21st century or something.

In the meantime of getting hooked up with furniture (and by ‘hooked up’ I mean waiting for the right ones within my budget) I had a pretty hollowed apartment; and, in turn, a big one. I had one armchair, one TV, a tallboy and a vanity, and a mattress on the floor. The walls were painted white which brightened up all the rooms a lot, but that’s the only big change.

“Let’s hope Skype guy doesn’t see this place,” Chloe said, craning her neck this way and that as she scanned the empty apartment.

“Which is why I have it angled towards the corner, with a peek of the window from the side.” I walked to the makeshift table made out of boxes and books. “I think it’s pretty good, don’t you?”

“Pretty good,” Janet nodded. “It’ll drop that laptop though.”

“Don’t make me anxious before an interview!” The bubble ringtone began to sound off. “Oh, oh, oh! Speak of the devil.” I squealed.

“Okay, relax. Just be cool,” Chloe said.

“Okay,” I nodded. I went to answer then Janet interjected. “But also act like you want the job.”

I nodded again and then went in a second time. This time, Chloe interrupted again. “But don’t act desperate. It’s eww.”

“Guys…” I spread out my hands like, ‘whaddiyadoin?’.

They both mimed ‘sorry’. Then…I answered.

“Hi,” I waved.

“Whoa, I didn’t expect someone so pretty,” the guy, Owen, laughed.

“Oh, thanks?” I smiled.

From the corner of my eyes I could see—matter fact I could feel—the confusion seeping out of Janet and Chloe. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting a reaction like that, too.

Beyond that it was a pretty professional interview. Owen, 38-years-old, asked all about my education, work history, why I’d fit into the company, those sort of things. When I got into my adventures in New York he pummelled me with question after question, joking about only the two of us having visited New York, and if anything should come up New York related, only the two of us should go. I laughed it off again.

“Well, to be perfectly frank, Anna, I wanted to Skype this interview because I didn’t think it’d be worth a person-to-person interview.”

I said nothing at first, but then he was quiet. “…okay.”

“You changed my mind, for sure. So I want you to pop in on Monday for an in-person interview and a walk through of the company while we discuss your role in it. This is as much of an interview for me as it is for you, remember that.”

I chuckled and nodded. “Right.”

“You pretty much have the job, but for legitimacy reasons, I’d like to do this a proper way. Are you fine with that?”

I nodded. “Yeah, absolutely.”

“Great. I have your contact details through Tony, so I’ll email you when to come into the office.”

“Sounds good.”


“Adious,” he waved.

I waved back and awkwardly clicked off.


The week wasn’t as interesting as my Skype call with Owen. I went furniture shopping for the hundredth time and every piece of wood was one, every sofa was one, everything I saw merged into one and I no longer saw them as objects. They were things begging me to keep them in my apartment and I was begging them to drop their price tag!

Saturday rolled around and I got a text from Eric in the morning: ‘Hope to see you tonight 😉

Oh, right, the club. I immediately called Janet, Chloe and Jodie (yay she’s here but she crashed into bed when she first landed) and only Janet could come along. I figured, as much as he wants just girls because of his club promotion duties, I’d still be having fun with Janet. Janet is telling me to not be so negative about the possibilities of the night, but I can’t help my past relationships and dates having this effect on me.

Janet was wearing a dark green, silk dress that looked like it was made entirely out of ribbons wrapping her body in the right areas. I opted for a black dress. Something simple, of course, but with banging hooker heels and a sparkly clutch. I love me some sparkles!

I handed the bouncer the card Eric gave me, barely having touched let alone looked at since Eric gave it to me. He let us in straight away and we made a beeline for the bar.

“Do you see him?” I asked Janet, bobbing my head up and down the crowd. Janet was teeth deep into a Cosmo. I laughed. “Thirsty?”

“I can’t remember the last time I was out!” she yelled over the beating music.

“What will you be having, Miss?” the bartender, who was also hot, asked me.

“Umm, I’ll have the same. Thanks!”

I turned around as soon as the bartender handed me a drink dove in, head first. At this rate I could qualify for the Olympics. When I looked up I noticed some features of the club I completely missed when entering. I had stepped into so many clubs in my life that they all looked the same, so they all were the same to me. Not this one. Oh, no. There were large round tables, of only women, and a massive stage. The only men in this club were the waiters, the bartenders and the…

“Ladies are you ready!?” someone over the speaker phone announced as the music lowered.

The women started flailing their hands in the air, screaming and cheering as they faced the stage. The guys from the bar suddenly ripped their shirts off and danced to a new beat while still making drinks. And making them well, I might add.

All eyes were on the stage as men strutted out. Shirtless. Hairless. Shiny, bare, rippled chests and muscular thighs in all their glory. And to the left of the centre, stage right, was Eric; thrusting, air-humping, with that sexy bit bottom lip in all his glory.

“I think I found Eric,” Janet mumbled.