Are You That Somebody?

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“Thanks for tonight,” I said. “I had fun.”

“I’m glad,” Eric smiled as we walked down the hallway to my apartment.

“And thanks for walking me home,” I joked.

“Oh, no big deal, I live around here, so…” he shrugged, dunking his hands into his pockets.

I laughed. “Oh? Really? I didn’t know.”

“No?” he went with me. I shook my head. He smiled. “Well now you know.”

“Good. Then I can borrow sugar or something,” I nudged him with my elbow.

Eric threw his head back and laughed. The rattle deep and throaty. It faded as we remained standing outside my apartment. The door still locked closed. I didn’t want to take any chances.

“So I wanted to take you on a real date. Instead of finding me stripping in the club,” he chuckled. His cheeks slightly rosy. Oh, so cute!

“Yeah, that’d be great. I’d like that.” I shrugged. “Next weekend.” I bit my lip, inwardly cursing myself. Why did I suggest the date? Let him!

He sucked in a sharp breath of air and leaned back, a torn expression scrunching his face. “Ummm…”

“Or, you know, whenever…”

“Next weekend seems so long away.”

I returned my eyes to his, embarrassed and on a high, but I couldn’t look away. Neither could he. He’s so sweet.

“We can work it out later, I guess,” I said.

“Yeah,” he nodded, semi-distracted, bringing his dark eyes down to my lips, craning his neck forward, leaning into me.

There was a gap between us as we kissed. His lips lightly pressed onto mine as if asking for permission, testing the waters, before closing the gap and pushing me back onto the wall. I slid my hands around his neck, through his soft hair. His kisses now more consuming, our breaths panting. When our lips parted slightly, our warm breaths felt hotter and hotter the warmer I became. His tongue slid into my mouth, and that’s when I noticed he was hard, pressed against me as his hands ran down from my neck, to my waist, and up and again. Memorising every crevice of my body through touch. So much for going slow.

“Ahem!” We heard.

Eric pulled back and we watched as an old woman walked down the hall with rubbish bags in her hand. She waddled passed us, eyes fixated on the elevator.

Eric looked at me and smiled lazily. His eyes still hazy from the kiss. Mine too, I imagined. I smiled back. He drew a fingertip across my bottom lip and then brought it to his mouth and pecked it.

“Goodnight then,” he said.

“Yeah,” I breathed. “You too.” I furrowed my brows and shook my head. Eric chuckled. It wasn’t exactly the reply I wanted to give but it turned out that way.

“Night…” Eric repeated. Closing in on me again and bringing his lips down. I magnetically drew to them without hesitation. Damn he’s such a great kisser!

We began to start again when we heard the old woman clear her throat again as she walked passed. Eric pulled back and licked his lips. I laughed, covering my mouth.

“So that’s my que,” Eric said.

“I’d invite you in but—”

Eric lifted his hand up and interjected. “Don’t worry about it. Slow. I got it.”

Yeah, real slow.

“Goodnight,” I said. We’ve slipped into the never-ending vortex of goodbyes.

“I’ll call you.”


I watched as he walked towards the elevator. As he neared, I began to unlock my apartment door and throw myself inside to avoid looking like a goofy creep with stars in her eyes. I’m definitely looking forward to more of him!