Lovesick F**K

***Thanks so much for emailing me Ahly. I hope you love your character. She’s going to be making more than one appearance as well so this is not the last, I assure you! Hope you all enjoy this post! Soul***

I sighed, shakily. “It feels like the first day of school or something.”

“Don’t worry. You’ll be fine,” Jodie said. “You already got the job. Now all you have to do is suck up for a while. Until you’re settled.”

I laughed at her attempt at a joke. Jodie rolled her eyes and smiled. I shook my head. “It’s so weird. I used to be so accomplished.”

“Hey,” Jodie said, catching my attention for a good chunk of the drive over there, “you are. Don’t think like that. Chin up.”

I shifted in the passenger seat and straightened up. “You’re right.”

“No boohoo,” she added.

“No boohoo,” I nodded.

“And spit out that gum or you’ll do what you do and either look psychotically wide-eyed chewing it, or bite the inside of your cheek.”

“Or both.” I turned my head and spat the gum out the window, a wave of regret followed.

“Anna,” Jodie whined like a disappointed mother.

“Sorry,” I mumbled.

“Forget about it. Just calm. Zen. Calm.”

I breathed in and out and kept repeating Jodie’s sentiment of already having landed the job. I met a few people in the short building of only five floors. Our level houses a small group of people with eyes on Amazon, Nook, Tablo, Wattpad and any other free or not free publishing network site. I remembered, as I was walking out of my future boss’s, Owen’s, office, there was a thin, Chinese girl with fiery red hair chatting with Toby. Toby waved at me but I only realised a half second later and therefore was a second delayed. I hope he didn’t think I was slow.

Today, this girl, Anita, was wearing a floral playsuit and cheekbones I’d kill for.

“Anna this is Anita; Anita, Anna,” Toby gestured between the two of us.

We both leaned in and shook hands. “Hi.”

“You can call me Ahly,” she said.

“Ahly,” I nodded. “Nice to meet you.”

“You too.”

I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her red, lob. Man, I wish I could pull a wild colour like that off and still look cool. I can only do dark tones or blonde. That’s the limit of my spectrum.

“As you can tell it’s a pretty laid-back sort of office,” Toby said, sinking in his chair like a toothpick into ice-cream. Mmm, ice-cream would be great right about now. Excuse me while I zone out.

“Yeah, we don’t really worry about appearances here,” Ahly said, “that’s why you’ll see Toby in dark shirts all the time.” She stuck out her tongue flat at Toby.

“Ohh-ho-ho,” Toby laughed, “hey, this is my signature colour.”

Ahly laughed with Toby, I could only smile at the back and forth banter. There were a few large, circular white tables that were cut into three sections. Toby, Ahly and I were on one table, and so and so. Then there was a conference table in the middle of the office; not too big, but big enough. Down the hallway was a kitchen, but in this office, there was a miniature kitchen against a wall in the corner, housing snacks, a mini fridge and a coffee machine. Laid-back indeed. I was really digging the set up.

Everything was sort of smooth sailing at first. First, I got a text from Eric: ‘Hey, how’s your day so far? J’

I replied: ‘Pretty good. I think I’m already getting the hang of things here.’

‘Well don’t work too hard,’ he texted, ‘gotta reserve some energy for our date tonight. ;)’

I smiled, but I was a little apprehensive to say the least. How do I stop my heart from racing at every contact with him; and my cheeks from hurting at my smile holding up for all of eternity?

‘See you tonight,’ I ended.

Then, Ahly started to fill me in on the dating apps she’s hooked on. Telling me of horrible first dates and her break up with her ex-boyfriend (who just so happens to be working within the company, but I didn’t press for details because I thought it was too pushy!).

“I joined Bumble and Coffee Meets Bagel. Both of which have a set limit with conversation. Like, love is a ticking time bomb,” she grimaced and half-laughed.

“It’s weird. Like a different world. I just recently got on Tinder.” I stopped swiping any which way when I met Eric. Even before then, I wasn’t much of a loyal member.

Ahly leaned in. “I know! Isn’t it weird to—”

“Alright,” Toby slapped his hands together, breaking off Ahly mid-way, “enough with the chick-chat, let’s eat!”

Toby jumped out of his seat and headed where a large group were shuffling into the hallway.

Ahly turned back at me. “We usually all go out together and eat. Save for a few people here and there.” She looked back. “Looks like everyone’s going with time. Come on,” she stood and nudged her head to follow.

“Okay, yeah,” I clicked on a few tabs and screens. “I’m actually going to hit the bathroom. I’ll catch you later.”

“Okay,” she shrugged. She grabbed my phone and started pinning her number into it. Then gave her cell a call to log mine. “I’ll text you where we’re at once you’re out.”

“Cool, thanks,” I smiled.

“No problem. See you out there, Anna,” she said, walking away and giving me a backwards wave.

I think this is where my first social mistake lied. I should’ve gone immediately with everyone instead of still hammering away at the desk before hitting the bathroom.

Anyway, it’s whatever. Since I assumed everyone was gone I didn’t bother with locking the door. But before I could pull my underwear down from my dress, someone blasted through the bathroom. The lady was panting and frantically placing her bag on top of the sink. I cracked a peek and thanked whoever was listening that I didn’t find myself in the reflection.

This woman was seasoned, but not ancient. I’d say about forty or fifty. Brown hair in a bun with a few greys and loose strands around her face. And a complete three piece suit with a skirt for bottoms. She fixed her hair with red manicured fingers, unbuttoned her top blouse, and kept fiddling with her bra to push it up.

I covered my mouth to hold my breath and not make a peep, but it was extra hard when she slid off her underwear, hiked up a leg onto the sink and pulled out a razor from her bag. I couldn’t believe it! She was shaving herself right here. I felt awkward watching her so I shut the door until I heard her heels clap all the way to the door.

When I thought she was out long enough I made a beeline to the door, and down the hallway to the elevator. When I passed our offices, I saw the lady of the bathroom stepping into Owen’s office!


When I got home after a long sweaty day of work, I immediately headed for the shower. I made the executive decision to not tell my new co-workers about what I just saw just in case. At least, not yet. I didn’t want to seem like that gossipy newcomer but you have no idea how hard I was trying to keep my mouth shut. My only way to let it all out was to group chat my girls and they wants details. Like hell I know! I’ve only been there all of two seconds!

I checked the time when I got out of the shower and panicked. Eric was going to pick me up in half an hour and I haven’t picked out anything to wear yet. I found a cute floral, chiffon dress hanging in my closet that just covered my ass, thin spaghetti straps ahoy. It was frilly on the bottom which just made it cuter. I put my hair in a messy side braid, an attempt at the fishtail trend but whatever. It was good enough. I’m honestly ready to dye it blonde or something. I know everyone is blonde, and a lot of people are over blonde, but I’ve never dyed my hair and I’ve always wanted to blonde. I should just go for it, shouldn’t I? Yeah, I should. I added silver rings and layered necklaces to give it a complete look.

Eric knocked on my door while I was applying my mascara and, nothing short of giving me a heart attack, he also almost made me poke my eye out with the mascara. I’m so skilled.

I quickly put on my tan gladiator sandals—well, as quickly as one can when they’re criss-crossing straps all the way up to just below the knee—before I answered the door.

“Coming!” I flew it open and sighed a greeting. I think it sounded something like ‘humana-humana’ and drool.

“Hey,” he appraised me, “wow, you look…” he looked back up at me and cleared his throat “…you know, you look pretty…pretty.” He laughed.

I laughed with him. “Thanks. You look—” pretty damn fine yourself! “—good too.” So, so good. Humana!

“Come in, I’m just getting my bag.”

He pointed. “And shoe on.”

“What?” I looked down. The straps were tied by a four-year-old it seemed. “Oh. HA! Yeah, and the shoes.”

I grabbed my bag and tied my sandal properly over my bed. Don’t worry, they’re new.

“So, are we ready?” I asked, putting my cards into my fringed cross-body.

“Yeah,” he smiled, not inching away and just standing in front of my door. “Except, I forgot one thing.”

“We can go back up if you want,” I shrugged.

“No it’s…” he placed his index finger of his mouth, in thought, “…it’s something close.”

I furrowed my brows and scanned my room before I noticed he was leaning down. I smiled when he did, removing his hand from his lips to make away for mine.

“Hello,” he said when he parted.

“Hi,” I breathed, my eyes still closed.

He chuckled and I opened them. I stepped forward with a playful seriousness and he dropped his smile to kiss me again. I moved my body into his more obviously, he clutched me at the dip of my lower back and held me at the neck with his other. He inched his hand down my back and over my ass, softly at first, then lower, and lower, until he was cupping it from underneath, making me lift my leg and wrap it around him. He pushed my against my table at the entryway and, with his hands on my hips, helped me jump up onto the tiny table. I felt a sharp pain stab my ass and it made me pull back and moan.

“Wait, stop, stop,” I pushed him back.

“You’re right. It’s too fast.”

“No,” I huffed out a little laugh, leaning over to one side and pulling out my keys from underneath.

“Oh,” he laughed. “Oww.”

“Yeah,” I laughed with him.

“Should we get going?” he asked, almost hesitantly.

I so badly want to say ‘no’, but I’ve been keeping up this front that I want everything to be slow that doing anything now seemed like a contradiction to that. I didn’t want his time and effort from before to feel wasted against my resistance to anything, but I also have this desperate desire for him to rip my clothes off and cure my insatiable libido.

I’m going crazy over here!