Pause. Go Slow. Repeat.

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“I want to stay in tonight,” I breathed in reply.

Eric slid his hands over my thighs, grasping me when he reached my waist. Despite the weather outside being warm I felt like I was on fire. He was slow with me at first, not too slow but enough to not go buck wild. It didn’t last long though. He kept grinding his waist in between my wide open legs until I could feel every inch of him just through his jeans. He moved his lips down to my neck as one of his hands tipped my strap down, exposing my hardened breast. I watched him round his mouth over my breast, pulling on my nipple. I sucked in a deep breath when he suckled just a little bit too hard, he looked up and let go, then he used his tongue over me. I clutched the mini-table for support as I writhed underneath his touch. He anchored me at the waist; when I kept sliding forward, he’d push me back. Then, in swift motion, he pulled me onto him. I almost fell because I wasn’t expecting it. Instead, embarrassingly, I fumbled for a fist of his shirt at his shoulders while my butt was at his knees and my legs up on his waist.

“Shit,” I laughed when he picked me up higher.

“Sorry,” he panted. “Bedroom?”

I pointed as I kissed his neck. I bit his ear and tightened my legs around him. He tripped a couple times on the way to my bedroom but we finally made it, no scars. I took off my dress while he handled his shirt and jeans.

“Wait—” he clutched my hands, fingers of which hooked over my underwear— “I want to do that.”

I put my hands above my head and watched him as he slid my underwear off. His eyes gleaming, his grin to die for. I want to bite his lips; his tongue; his pec. I want him in my mouth; inside me; he lowered his head and was just about to find out exactly how wet I was. Sadly, his penis disappeared underneath him, but the image fit the cinemascope screen in my head and played on repeat as he punctured me with his tongue. I arched my back and brought my hands down to my chest and then out, gripping the bed sheets. He lapped me up, keen to please, thumbing my clit as his tongue swerved downwards and up. I moaned when he suckled on my clit and blasted two fingers in and out.

He crawled up, his body glistening, as was mine. He licked his lips and I kid you not, I thought I was going to come right there and then just at the sight of it. He pecked my stomach, going up, landing on my breast, squeezing one as he kissed the other, and then bit my neck twice. He had the tip massaging me on the outside, until he held it, looked down and deepened into me. I moaned louder; fuck he’s so big!

“Oh my God, wait!” I laughed uncontrollably.

He pulled out, concerned and confused. “What?”

I looked down at him. “I can’t. You’re so big.”

He laughed. “Try.”

I giggled with him, my cheeks flash-hot red. “Go slow.”

“You interrupted me by the way.”


“I was warming you up to it,” he lowered his head again, his chest flat on the bed. I smiled. “Now I’ll have to do a do-over.” He slid his tongue starting down and going up, moaning all the way. “I’m not complaining though, you taste so fucking good.”

My smile stretched wider as I closed my eyes, enjoying the generous head he was giving. I’m not complaining either.

He wriggled up again, saying, “That was your plan all along, wasn’t it?”

I pretended along with him. “I can’t help you give such amazing head to the point where I want more.”

He chuckled, deeply. “Good.” The combination almost sounded devilish.

He moved himself in and out, taking it inch by inch until finally filling me up. He thrusted slowly at first, but then he became hungrier for more. He began suckling on my nipple again, with the control of his thrust, my body was screaming.

I couldn’t help how loud I was. At one point he asked me if I was okay.

“Yes!” I screamed as I pushed him onto his back, climbing on top of him and thrusting harder than he was.

He bared his teeth and growled, clutching my ass and slapping it. As I began to move slowly he flattened his feet and hiked his hips up to thrust hard into me.

“Come for me, baby,” he demanded.

I grinned and turned my head to the ceiling. “I’m gonna…” I breathed sharply, unable to finish the sentence.

He quickly began to thumb my clit until my toes curled, I couldn’t thrust any harder, and my body shuddered from the orgasm. He kept me going through his thrusts, and I thought it would never end. He flipped me over on all fours and took me from behind. I was still ringing from my orgasm when he grunted a few final thrusts into me.

We threw ourselves naked on the bed, next to each other and on our backs.

“That was so fucking good,” he sighed.

“Yeah,” I breathed.

“Well—” he sat up—“it was nice meeting and you all but, umm—” my smile dropped and I stared at him in shock— “I’m kidding!” he laughed, throwing himself back onto the bed.

“Oh, you—” I shook my head, almost laughing with him just as much as he was. “You’re such an asshole.”

“I would never. What? Leave a hot, sweaty, naked girl in this bed? And go do fucking what?”

I shrugged. “Dinner would’ve been nice.”

“Not as nice as this,” he closed his eyes.

“Meh,” I grinned, looking at him.

He opened his eyes wide and laughed. “Oh shut up!”

Now I laughed hard. “You deserve it!”

“I do. I know I do,” he shook his head. He sighed, grabbing my hand and kissing the back of it. One kiss, two, closer to my knuckles, a third on my finger, and a last on my nail, all the while he was holding my gaze. I bit my lip, still feeling giddy.

It was too hot for us to get any closer, so we just laid there, slipping into a light slumber while our hands remained intertwined.


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