I woke up to the dark of night. The air was colder, now more prominently waving over my naked body even though sheets were drawn over me. I heard a faint smacking sound, something like rain. I widened my eyes, no, it wasn’t coming from outside. Hearing it more clearly now it was the splattering of the shower. Eric. Eric was using my shower. I smiled. Knowing he was naked and wet in there just made me feel all bubbly inside.

I shot up from bed and fixed my hair in the mirror as much as I could. I put on my silk robe and hopped into the bathroom.

“Knock, knock?” I called. So lame. Why didn’t I just knock?

I could practically see his grin through the sheer shower curtain. Then he pushed it aside, revealing almost all of himself. “Hey, come here.” I took a few steps forward until I was standing right before him, using all my energy not to drop my eyes and stare all wide-eyed hungry. “I mean get in.”

“Oh,” I leaned back, “no, you know, you can finish up and I’ll just wait.”

I went to turn but he quickly clutched my waist. “You can wait inside here.” He picked me up and plonked me down inside with him. I yelped, bending my legs to avoid hitting the tub. “Let’s not get this wet any more than it already is,” he said, fiddling with the tie of my kimono and throwing it out of the shower.

“Mmm…” he sighed, running his hands over my stomach, around and onto my back. He lowered to press his lips on mine and we rocked, feet planted on the ground and twisting out bodies, from side to side, shifting at each kiss. “How are you?”

“I’m good. You?” I bit my lip to try and keep from laughing uncontrollably. I’m way too deliriously happy for my own good.

“Great. I’m great.”

I nodded. “Good.” He let go of me, turning around to lather a loofah up with some soap. “So, what’s the agenda for today?”

He placed the soaped up loofah onto my chest and rubbed lightly. I smiled, holding him at his waist. “I have work.”

“You have work? At the hospital?”

He chuckled. “We don’t interact with patients until the third year.”

“Oh,” I said confusedly. Then I realised, “Oh. The club.”

“Yes.” He elongated the last letter of the word. “The club.”

“Okay,” I pitched highly.

Eric chuckled. “You fine?”

I nodded vehemently. “Yeah.”

He lifted a brow. “You sure?”

“Yeah,” I breathed a little sharply to make it seem like I was super sure, “why wouldn’t I be?”

He laughed, shaking his head and looking down. “Just, you know, the stripping thing.”

I shrugged so many times that it lost its meaning and my boobs started to hurt. Eric could only just contain his laughter, sputtering out a few slipped chuckles here and there. I rolled my eyes at myself when he wasn’t looking. “Yeah. I don’t mind.”

He pulled me closer. “You sure?”

“You keep asking me if I’m sure just doesn’t make me sure enough,” I scoffed.

He laughed, squeezing my waist. “I just want to be sure that, you know, you’re okay with this. I’ve had a lot of jealous girlfriends and girls in general and I just need you to understand that making women wet is part of my job,” he chuckled. I furrowed my brows at his chosen words but retained my smile, looking like an anxious pupp. “I’m going to be grinding on them, dancing around and on them, more-than-half nakedly. If you’re not fine with it, I’d rather know sooner rather than later.”

I looked down at his chest and traced a circle around his nipple. “I knew what I was getting myself into. It’s fine.” I looked up. “It is, really.”

Not like he’s going to change his entire existence because I tripped into his life.

“Good, I’m glad. Because…” he sighed, slipping his hands down to my wet ass, “…it would be a real shame, you know?” He began massaging my ass, cupping it from the bottom to jiggle it.

“Mmm…” I closed my eyes, trying to force my head into nodding. “Yeah, I know,” I breathed.

“Real shame,” he reiterated, looking down. “Because you taste so fucking good.”

He hunched forward, bring his hand further underneath me and stroking me. Then, once he brought his left hand up my ass again, he moved his right hand to the front and squeezed two fingers inside of me.

I threw my head back as he played with me, moving my leg wider and holding me up like a puppet to venture as deep and fast as he could go, until I came for the second time.