You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me

The morning light brooded in on my eyes, imploring me to wake up. Eventually I gave in. I can’t go back to sleep in intense heat and blinding light. Two of my least favourite things. Wait…light? My room is blacked out like a mo’fo. Okaaaaayy, so I’m not in my room. I’m in someone else’s. Oh, it must be one of the girls. I struggled to get up but eventually cracked my bones into shape. The room still didn’t look familiar, so I walked out of the open door and found a small hallway opening up into a kitchen and living room. More blinding light. Yay.

“Good morning!” a man’s voice called out.

A ringing started. Asshole. “Huh?” My eyes started to focus on Eric cooking breakfast.

He laughed. “Wondering why you’re here?”

I scanned his apartment. Minimalist and simplistic. I thought it’d be a frat boy’s dream house but it was pretty crisp. “Why am I here?”

He laughed again. “You came up in the middle of the night. All in a drunken stupor. How much did you have to drink at the bachelorette?”

“The bachelorette?” It was all coming together now. The funky lights, the drinking, the girls, and Daniel’s imminent return to my life just for a weekend. Fun. Oh! And I asked Eric to be my date at Janet’s wedding. Shit! I don’t do that kind of stuff, not this early on anyway. Must’ve been drinking a lot to have even summoned up any kind of courage to ask him. I groaned and held my head.

“Here,” he said, rounding the kitchen and handing me a cup of darkness.

“What is this?” It smelled like strong cough medicine and vodka, with a hint of sweetness. Maybe to counteract the bile from saying ‘hello’!

“Secret recipe,” he winked.

I brought the cup to my lips and sipped. It tasted like sweet dirt, and it had some undissolved powder inside. “Ugh! What is this!?”

He laughed. “Now that face is priceless.”

“Okay, I’m going.”

“Wait, have breakfast. You can wash up and I’ll call your friends over.”

“They’ll take a while to get here.”

“No they won’t. They’re at your apartment.”

I tilted my head. “Umm…”

“You told me.”


He chuckled, shaking his head. “Just, let me go. I laid out a shirt you can wear over your dress. Preferably without it,” he winked.

I smiled, rolling my eyes. “And?”

“And, bathroom is just through here.”

After he showed me, he left. I stood watching myself in his mirror. Wondering that if I couldn’t see much out of his possessions to let me know who he was out there, then I could snoop around his bedroom and mirror cabinet. I opened it up and immediately regretted it. I couldn’t look away though, it was like watching a car crash. It had two full shelves of condoms. Who needs that many condoms? At least he was safe, so, can’t complain? A razor, shaving cream, the brush that you lay the cream down with, old school style, I like. Teeth whitening strips (of which I grabbed a couple and stuffed in my purse. I’m sure he won’t mind). And a Polaroid. What’s a Polaroid doing in here? I was just about to reach for it when I heard the girls’ voices. I quickly turned the tap on and started washing away.

“…why not?” one of the girls said.

“Janet don’t force him,” another added.

“But if he doesn’t come then Anna won’t have a date to the wedding and it’s going to be really sad.”


“Daniel is coming with a date.”

There was a silence. In the meantime of which I contemplated jumping out of his window to avoid the pity-party.

“Who’s Daniel?” Eric asked, finally breaking the silence.

“Okay!” I hopped in, stretching my arms out, palms open, almost in surrender. “What’s up guys?”

“Nothing,” murmured across the living room.

Eric smiled. “Breakfast is ready.”

“Awesome!” I thumbed up. Can I have a side of dignity with that?


“Hey guys,” I greeted Ahly and Toby, the two already babbling away at the table.

They both looked up. “Hey, Anna,” Ahly said.

“Yo,” Toby nodded.

Ahly burst out laughing. “Yo? When did you become all gangsta?”

“Hey, I can be all that I can be.”

“Yeah, as a lanky, white kid.”

I laughed with Ahly. Toby just shook his head and narrowed his eyes, a smile creeping over his lips. “Cute,”

Ahly puffed her bright red hair. “Why thank you.”

“So, I have a piece of gossip,” I said. Binding words.

Ahly straightened up, eyes bright. “Do pray tell.”

“Nah-uh,” Toby stood. “I’m out.”

I took his seat when he walked away and started firing away, telling Ahly about the woman I saw, from the bathroom up until the moment she went into Owen’s office.

“I knew it!” she slapped my arm. “I so knew it!”

“Has it been happening for a long time?”

She shook her head. “Couple of months, at the most.”

“I guess they don’t want anyone finding out.” Ahly tightened her lips. I furrowed my brows. “What?”

“I can’t keep a secret!” she panicked.

“Alright,” I held my hands up, “we’ll never speak of this again. Okay?”

“Okay,” she sighed with concentration.

“Okay,” I smiled, moving back to my chair to make way for Toby.

“Lovely chat?” he asked.

Before I could even breathe, Ahly shot straight through. “Owen’s having an office affair!” She turned to me and bit her lip, worry filling every crevice of her face. “Sorry,” she mimed.

I started laughing, and she joined in. Toby just watched us like we were insane.

“With who?” he finally asked.

“Oh, lookey lookey who wants to know, now…” I teased.


I had been skimming boring book after boring book for what felt like a few hours when a noise broke out. Someone yelled a ‘woohoo!’ and heads turned up to see what the commotion was about.

“Lookey lookey,” Toby said, grinning at Ahly, “look at who’s lover stopped by.”

“I regret the day I told you anything, Toby.”

“Oh, so that’s him,” I said.

“Yeah,” her voice peaked, her face red, “cute, huh?”

“Yeah…hey, who’s that guy with him?” I asked.

“Oh, that’s one of his friends, Michael,” Ahly said, glad to have the heat off of her.

Michael was wearing a leather jacket in simmering heat. Is he insane? His sleeves were slightly rolled up, revealing the beginning of black tattoos. He had a white V-neck and black jeans on.

“I’m guessing he’s got a motorcycle?”

“Hence the jacket,” Ahly said.

“Look at you,” Toby eyed me.

I straightened up. “What?”

“Ain’t he just the finest thing you’ve ever seen?” he said, colouring his teasing with a southern accent.

“He’s whatever,” I shrugged.

Toby laughed and turned back to staring at the guys making a commotion. Ahly was practically drooling. And I’ll admit, as was I when I saw Michael. But so what? He’s hot. There’s a lot of hot guys in L.A. Hot girls too. Hot, hot, hot…is it getting hotter in here or is it just me?

“Does he work here?” I asked anyone who heard.

“Nope,” Toby said without looking at me.

That’s when Michael did a double take with me, and smiled. His teeth so white I could see them from all the way where I sat. I hadn’t noticed I was leaning forward, so when we locked eyes, I quickly looked away and leaned back, but when I did, my arm hit the edge of the table, making both Toby and Ahly shoot their eyes at me.

I smiled. “I’m fine.”

They gave each other a knowing glance and then returned to their work. I took one last look up and found Owen coming out of his office to break up the commotion. Michael took another glance my way, and winked. I pursed my lips to keep from smiling. Nope, doesn’t work on me.

“He’s an asshole by the way,” Toby said.

“I wouldn’t try anything,” Ahly added.

I shrugged. “I wasn’t planning on it.”


Lunch time! It wasn’t long after the commotion settled that our stomachs started growling. This time it was only us three stepping out to grab a bite to eat, not the whole office. Maybe last time was a once off. Anyway, so I go to open the door of the building and there Michael was, leaning against it smoking a cigarette. He was wearing mirror sunglasses and I could see nothing but the sidewalk and myself in it when he looked at me.

Ahly and Toby were ahead of me. I stared at his smile, looked away, and then looked back. He grinned wider and lifted his sunglasses to give me another wink over those caramel eyes.

“Anna, watch out!”

I felt an arm grab me and pulling me away from the street.

“Pay attention, dude,” Toby said.

“S—sorry,” I chuckled, sounding like an Uzi.

I turned back once more and noticed Michael’s shoulders shaking as he laughed. I rolled my eyes. Shit.


“How was lunch?” Michael asked, intruding in our conversation as we were coming back.

“Fine,” I mumbled.

“Don’t you have somewhere to be, Grease lightening?” Ahly poked.

“Your boyfriend sends you his love, Pippi Longstocking,” he shot back, taking another puff.

Ahly rolled her eyes, our laughs beginning to fade. “Whatever. Come on, let’s go.”

“The name’s Michael,” he held out his hand for me.

I considered it for a split second, and shook it.

“Meet you in there, Anna,” Toby said.

“Oh, okay,” I half-turned, stopped my Michael’s grasp, and watched them disappear into the building.

“Anna,” I replied.

“So, why haven’t I seen you before?”

“I’m new.”

“Oh, a virgin,” he grinned, wriggling his eyebrows.

I see the resemblance of an asshole appearing. It’s faint, but it’s there.

“Yeah, okay.”

“So you agree?”


“You’re a virgin?”

I shook my head, confused. “What are we talking about here?”

He was enjoying this a little too much. “It’s alright if you are, just clarifying.”

“There’s nothing to clarify.”

“Some people your age might have not done it. Might.”

“Oh, and how old are you, four?”

“Like I said,” he shrugged, “it’s okay if you are.”

“I’m not,” I muttered.

“Virgins are God’s creatures, or so those white supremacists say.”

“For your information, I’ve had a lot of sex!”

He stared at me, a slow smile beginning to appear. Through his glasses I saw the door closing behind me and a person stopped. I turned around to find Owen. At least it was hot today, so I could blame my all over redness on the heat.

“Anna,” he nodded.


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