Breaking and Entering

I rattled the keys in my hand. “Let’s go,” I said to Daniel.

He followed behind me as we hustled across the street. “Haven’t broken into a place in a long time,” he said, scanning up and down the street.

“You broke into places?”

Daniel chuckled. “Yeah, but we didn’t steal a lot.”


He shrugged. “Well, I’ve tamed my ways.”

“Too bad.”


“I’m attracted to bad boys,” I winked.

Daniel paused. “Don’t do that to me.”

I laughed and tilted my head. “Come on.”

Daniel locked the door behind him as we entered the bar. We switched on the bar light and stereo system, the loudness of which surprised us both. “Turn it down; turn it down!”

“Shit,” Daniel hissed, turning the knob. “My bad.”

I rounded the bar and stood behind the counter. “Can I take your order, sir?”

Daniel smiled, sitting on the stool across from me. “Aren’t you concerned about my drinking habits?”

“I don’t know. Should I be anymore?”

He shook his head. “I’ll have a beer. I’m starting to become accustomed to the taste I hate. It’s not like people drink vodka because it’s delicious.”

“Two beers coming right up.” I shuffled around and found the beer, slipping a glance to the locked cabinets filled with the expensive liquor. I propped them both down and popped the caps. “One for you; one for me.”

“Cheers,” he held up his.

I clinked mine against his and took a swig. “Do you remember us here?” I asked.

He nodded. “You looked sexy as always.”

I threw my head back and laughed. “Why? Because I was serving you?”

“Oh yeah,” he grinned, “if only you were wearing a maid outfit.”

“Carrying a whip,” I added.

“Nah, cuffs. The pink, fluffy kind.”

I laughed again, this time with him as red rose to his cheeks. “Shut up, Daniel,” I shook my head.

He stood from his chair. “I kind of miss the early days. My motorcycle; my breaking into places, however reckless it may have been—” he eyed me, I smiled— “my friends; my carefree spirit. What the fuck happened to me,” he huffed.

I rounded the counter. “Nothing happened.” I ducked down to force him to look at me. “You’re still you.”

He shook his head. “I think after my mom died, it just went all downhill from there.”

“You had me,” I said.

He huffed a chuckle again. “Exactly. I had you.”

I cupped his chin and turned his head up, eyes on me. “You have me.”


I sighed. “Will you come to my birthday?”

He furrowed his brows. “What?”

“I—my birthday.”

“You’re having a party?”

I guess I was. “Yeah. Will you come?”

“Is this a pity-invite?”

“Don’t be silly. I wanted to invite you officially before I Facebook invite people.”

He smiled. “You’re cute.” He moved in close to me.

“We need stronger drinks,” I breathed. “I bet he has the keys to the cabinet in his office.” I can’t believe I was stealing from my ex-boss’ stash.

I was opening and closing the draws in his office without any luck. I turned back around and checked the back of his Mac monitor. He was creative about the way he hid things. Finally, with no luck and little effort, I gave up. I turned around and leaned back on the desk.

“So, beer it is then?” Daniel asked, leaning with his arms crossed in the doorway.

I hopped up on the desk and spread my legs. Daniel straightened up and watched me Eagle-eyed. I pulled up my dress and rubbed my underwear. I’d switched to bikini style. I flicked my hair back and leaned with one hand on the desk, while the other remained stroking myself. Daniel started walking towards me and I smiled. Now, in the dim light, I could see his face clearer and he was ravenous.

“Take off my underwear, Daniel.”

He smiled, bringing his fingertips to the sides of the white cotton and shimmying it down past my knees and off my legs. He cupped my face in his hands and pushed his lips into mine, dipping his tongue in as many times as I could take.

He moved to my neck and I brushed my fingers through his hair. “Unzip your pants,” I said, pulling at his belt.

His fingers frantically unbuckled, unzipped and unbuttoned everything. I licked the palm of my hand and massaged his erection before pulling him closer to me. “Fill me up,” I told him.

“Gladly,” he breathed before pushing inside of me. I moaned as he grunted and couldn’t help but giggle.

“Fuck me, Daniel,” I breathed before laying back on the desk, somewhat uncomfortable but still turned on. “Harder, harder,” I almost yelled.

He thrusted so hard while I kept my legs as far apart that my pelvic line cracked. I hiked up my legs over his shoulders as he drove deeper into me. I was close when he began thumbing and by the time he demanded that I come, he only had to say it once.

I nearly pulled my back while I shot up and pushed him out of me. Seriously, hard surfaces aren’t all that. I got down on my knees and wiped him of me with my hand before putting him in my mouth. I blew harder than a jet engine and squeezed his ass, making sure I left marks. I placed a hand on the back of my head and started gently thrusting in and out.

“I’m close, Anna,” he moaned. “Oh-o-o-o, fuck, I’m close.” I pulled him out of my mouth and rubbed him until he covered my chest. He dropped to the floor and lied naked next to me, hugging me closer. “I’m ready to miss my flight,” he laughed.

I smiled, planting kisses over his chest. “I’m going to miss you that’s for sure.”

“I love—” he stopped short and tensed— “loved this,” he sighed.

I nodded. “I loved this, too.”

***Hey all! So, first off, sorry I didn’t post last week, long story short these past few months I’ve been dealing with some issues at work and this past month it had escalated to a point where I had several doctor visits and work meetings. It’s been rough to say the least; it still is, I keep crying and I couldn’t sleep to the point where I was considering taking medication to help me sleep. I’m somewhat dealing with the whole situation better now, plus I have my family to help me out. I know I’m burdening you all with this depressing news lol (some of you may not even want to hear about it) but I only couldn’t post last week because I couldn’t, not didn’t want to. Anyway, on to other news, I’m actually going on vacation pretty soon. I wasn’t going to bring my laptop with me and therefore not post but then I realised I could schedule my posts. That was put on hold for a while while this whole ordeal at work was killing me but then I realised, fuck it, I’m not going to let it stop me from posting and doing what I do. So, I’m glad to say that starting from the next post, posts will be scheduled to appear on this blog while I’m away. Hope you’re glad, too. I have a few posts lined up, then I have a questionnaire in place of the second last post (fun little thing and also because my mind can’t think anymore), then after that there’ll be about a week of no posts (possibly; haven’t decided yet; the beginning of December is still looking fuzzy to me). I’ve made it so that the comments section will close after 4 days as well. I’m so ready to leave and spend my birthday on vacation. I wanted to update Wattpad and everything else but my capacity stretches as far as this blog only. But if you haven’t already, be sure to check out “His name is Jake Saunders…” and “Fifty Shades of Black Silk” and vote and comment until your heart’s content. Twitter is still up and running. So, yeah, I think that’s all it. I hope everyone is doing well, or at least better than me. As always, keep on keeping on and see you soon-ish… Soul***


6 thoughts on “Breaking and Entering

  1. Fun post! Thanks!

    Wow! Your explanation tired me out! Bless you! I’m sorry that you’ve had it so rough!
    Glad you have family! You need a vacation! I hope you have a great one and don’t worry about us! Your true followers will understand!

  2. Great post! Hope u have a great vacay w/everything ur going through right now I hope it helps shred some stress. Thank u for the scheduled post. Well b waiting for ur awesome return.

  3. Great post – thank you so much!! Love reading something fun with Daniel and can’t wait to see what is next!!

    Aw – so sorry you have been having a rough time – keep your head up! Enjoy your vacation and happy early birthday! Hope your birthday wishes come true!!

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