…Or forever hold your piece

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy I’m back! Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans! Completely forgot to write a Thanksgiving post. I thought of one pretty late while overseas but don’t know if it’s too late. We’ll see.

Just wanted to know if you wanted me to still post during the New Year and Christmas and all that. If not, then I’d be breaking the last two weeks of December. Let me know as soon as you can just in case I need to schedule posts (got to write ’em up in way advance!). You can only vote once just so I have an accurate count.

In honour of Thanksgiving, comment your lows (first) and highs (second) of 2016.


P.S. Thanks for checking out this blog even as I was away. Love yas! ❤


8 thoughts on “…Or forever hold your piece

  1. I mean, I’m voting “yes”, but if you’re busy with the holidays and all like the rest of us, don’t… lol

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