is this going to be a three-way thing?

“I knew I’d find you just where I left you,” I said, walking up to Michael.

He kicked off the wall and smiled. “Ooooh, someone has a newfound confidence.”

I held up the crumpled piece of paper between my fingertips. “Is this supposed to be a joke?”

He tried to hide his widened smile by biting on his bottom lip. “What is?”

I scoffed. “Don’t play coy.”

“Oh easy there, Mugsy!” he joked.

I rolled my eyes but couldn’t help the smile. “You want me to go skydiving?”

He shrugged. “Interesting proposition…” he thought as if it wasn’t his idea.

“You want me to go skydiving…with you?”

He sighed dramatically. “Alright, if you insist.”

“You are fucking crazy.”

“Hey, hey, hey, language, please.”

“Oh I’m sorry. You’re fucking crazy. Better?”

He laughed. “I take it you’re not into skydiving?”

“Bingo. Look at you, figuring things out and all.”

“Okay, alright. I tell ya, you’re missing out.”

“Hey, hey, hey, language, please.”

He narrowed his eyes. “You are.”

I squeezed my lips as tight as I could but I couldn’t it in. I didn’t think he would play along on that joke. “All this for a date?” He didn’t say anything. “You could just ask, you know. Dinner, movie; the clichéd type of stuff is a cliché for a reason.”

He breathed in, jutting out his chest. “Or we could just skip everything and I could bring you back to my place.” He grinned.

I paused, wondering if this guy was a joke or for real. He wants to play, fine, let’s play. “Okay. Taxi!” I hopped off the curb and hailed the first one I saw.


“Let’s go. It’ll have the same thrill as skydiving, I’m sure.” We hopped in and immediately after he pulled out his phone. “Oh, no, no, no, don’t cheat.”

He chuckled. “I have to let my sister know we’re coming. She’s staying with me for a while.”

“Okay, fine.” Seems legit.

“Don’t judge too much,” he said before he unlocked the door.

“Ooooh, someone has a newfound vulnerability.”

“Shut up,” he said under his breath. “Next, we’re seeing your place.”

“It’s a good thing I cleaned then.”

“God damn it,” he muttered, opening the door.

The place wasn’t too shabby. It had a total industrial feel about it, especially the kitchen, but other than clothes on the floor and wires around the TV where every type of box sat, it didn’t look too bad.

“Maggie!?” Michael shouted. “Maggie!”

Sister, yeah, sure.

“I’m guessing this is the bedroom?” I grabbed the handle and turned.

“Honestly, Anna, all you had to do was ask,” he laughed.

“Shut up,” I rolled my eyes as I stumbled in over more clothes strewn on the floor. For a guy that basically wears the same three garments every day I’ve never seen so much clothes.

Then, a glimmer on the corner of my eyes caught my attention. Atop the tallboy was a line-up of opened boxes displaying dainty necklaces just like the one he gifted me.

“Holy shit,” I said. “What the fuck is this?”

He hopped in and turned wide-eyed and wild. “What the—? Oh, no, no, no, not me. Definitely not me!”

“Oh my God,” I grinned, unfathomable of the situation, “is this what you do?”

“No!” he laughed. “Definitely not me! That—I don’t know where that came from!” He flickered his eyes over the stash.

“Oh my God, it is isn’t it? This is how you get girls!”

He was shaking his head vehemently and before he could protest again, the door to his en suite bathroom opened and out popped a girl in a towel. “Oh, hey, Michael,” she stopped and smiled. Then, she registered me. “Oh, hey.”

“Hi,” I breathed, stunned.

“What. The. Fuck,” was all Michael could say.

“Is this going to be a three-way thing?” she asked.


5 thoughts on “is this going to be a three-way thing?

  1. Oh, now I can’t wait for the next post!!!! I liked Micheal! Give us more!!! (I think I missed the last post but this is good!)

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