Menopausal C****

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One of the better albeit not so evidence-backed test that a new relationship has potential to last is the meeting before meeting the parents. Meeting the friends. I was already on good terms with He Who Shall Not Be Named a.k.a Ahly’s ex-boyfriend\beat bunny, so I figured I was half in. To break the ice and make me comfortable Michael suggested I bring a couple friends to a gathering one of his friends was hosting. And by hosting I mean he had free space in his artsy loft that could account for a ton of people.

I wanted to drag all my friends to this party but only Janet and Stanley could come. On the way there I thought of Mark and texted him and when I got there he still hadn’t replied. I figured he was out busy but didn’t think too much of it.

“Hey!” I waved at Michael when I spotted him.

“Oh shit, I forgot he was cute,” Janet mumbled.

“Oh my God, like so cute!” Stanley piped in.

Janet slapped him on his chest. “Shut up and get us some drinks will ya?”

“Well, only because you said ‘please’,” he grinned at his own joke and winked at me. I giggled and stopped short when I felt a hand slide around my waist.

“Hey baby,” Michael whispered into my ear.

“Hi…” I grabbed the back of his neck as he kissed mine through my hair. When I turned around he pushed back the hair from my face and gave me a long kiss. We were that annoying couple for a moment that pushed Janet to clear her throat suggestively.

“Oh, Michael you remember Janet,” I said, wiping my lips.

“Of course, how could I forgot?”

“And her husband?” I gestured to Stanley who was holding a couple of beers. He will never learn that I don’t like beer, so I gave mine to Michael.

“Oh. That I did forget,” Michael said, unapologetically.

Stanley narrowed his eyes slightly. “That’s fine.”

Awkward. I think it was completely overlooked by Michael because he just kept getting handsy with me without a care in the world.

Later on in the night Janet, Stanley, Michael and I were chatting to a few of Michael’s friends, one of which was Brandon, a guy I regularly see attached to Michael whenever I saw them at the office. Brandon was definitely the heavy drinker, clearly with a high tolerance, he kept boasting about how it was his seventh beer and he wasn’t feeling a thing. I’m not sure if that’s an Olympic sport but apparently he’s super proud for some reason.

“…can you believe these marches that are happening? All because some people hate Donald Trump. A bunch of pussies if you ask me,” Brandon laughed.

“Nobody’s asking you, dude,” his friend laughed with him.

“Fuck off! Seriously, like why are we protesting anything anymore? World’s fucked as it is without a bunch of menopausal cunts holding signs on the street.”

“Well that’s a disturbingly vivid image,” I said.

“Exactly,” Brandon pointed.

“I meant it’s disturbing that that’s the only image you seem to have.”

Janet snickered. “You can say that again.”

“This is always what happens when politics get throw into the conversation. Don’t listen to Brandon he just likes to ruffle a few feathers.”

“As I recall, someone else likes to fuck with people, too,” Brandon eyed Michael.

“Yeah, I barely do it with politics.”

Brandon harrumphed and took a swig. “Did you go—” he pointed at Janet— “being that you’re black and all?”

“Ummm…” Janet responded.

“Hey man,” Stanley warned.

Michael dropped his arm from around my shoulder as we felt the intensity of the atmosphere grow threateningly dangerous.

“I think you had enough to drink, man,” Brandon’s friend said, laying a hand on Brandon’s shoulder.

Brandon pushed it away without taking his eyes off of Stanley. “Let me ask you something—” he leaned in and smirked— “do you gotta put on a night light on to see what orifice is where when you get down and dirty?”


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  1. I’d b shocked if Brandon doesn’t immediately get punched in the face. That whole theory of: “you can tell a lot about a person by who their friends are.” I bet right now she’s definitely having a WTF moment.

    1. I’m going to make it whatever the fuck I want thanks. And I wasn’t making it political. Not that my writing process is any of your business but your comment is so rude that, considering what I’m going through personally right now, I feel a desperate need to educate you. I wanted Anna and Michael to have a fight about their friends to put into perspective whether or not our friends are a factor of who we are. The fact that you zeroed in on the one smidgen mention of politics doesn’t make this a political post, it reveals that you overlooked the major theme of this post and the main cause for the following events; and that is demonstrated more considerably when other commenters clearly got the point.

      For future references, don’t fucking swear at me on my own fucking blog.

      Incredibly annoying..


      1. Wow Soul, don’t you think your response is harsh. Everyone has issues but that doesn’t justify berating someone because he/she feels that something is political. People have opinions. They might not always be all rainbows and butterflies. It seems that whenever someone questions or disagrees with something you get super defensive. If someone misunderstood the message your trying to convey there’s no need for the anger. Perception is different for everyone. Just for reference I didn’t make the comment but you did delve into political realm by having Brandon reference Donald trump and protestors. In your opinion don’t you think that is political?

        1. Someone set the standard of how they wanted to be treated by swearing at me. So no I don’t think I was harsh. I didn’t “berate” them because of a difference of opinion. That is far from the kind of person I am so it’s unfortunate that you see me that way. There’s a way to say something respectful and Someone disrespected me. If in real life you told a complete stranger a fictional story and they spit in your face, are they’re actions justified because they misunderstood? I don’t think so.

          And I’m so over people thinking I get super defensive first because I replied to comments and now because someone swore at me. So that’s all I’ll be saying about that I guess.

          And I reiterate what I said to Someone: the mention of politics does not make this post political.

          I’m not mad about what they said, it’s the way they said it that was rude. All Someone had to do was say what she wanted to say respectfully. It’s not that hard.


  2. I think you might be a bit confused as to what makes something political, so here’s some education for you. Making disrespectful comments about America’s president in your blog post makes it political. Using current political events in this never ending, meandering storyline makes it political.

    Going from 0-10 because someone wrote the letters “tf” makes you super defensive. It seems like you’re personally offended by a knock on your writing and you’re exaggerating the response about “tf” to cover your hurt ego.

    I don’t think anyone spit in your face, so relax. If you can’t take criticism, writing is probably not the hobby for you. I think you’ve proven that already, though.

    1. You’re definitely confused about a lot of things so here’s some education for you. Nowhere did I make disrespectful comments about America’s president. The only time I referenced Donald Trump is when the character spoke out negatively of the marches against the president. So it’s clear your reading level needs to bump up a notch in that regard. On the note of “using current political events” making this post political, again, I, the writer, is literally telling you your interpretation is wrong and explained why in previous comments. Repeating yourself is not going to change the intention or meaning behind this post. Nice touch with the subtle jab at my story by calling it “meandering”, by the way, it nearly diverts attention away from the fact that you keep coming back to read this “meandering” storyline.

      Your unwarranted psyche analysis is flawed in a few ways. 1. 0-10? Why, because I spelled out the words you put into acronyms and gave it back to you and that you try to double down the rude impact by just calling it “letters”? Yeah, right, I’m so defensive. And I suppose you didn’t go from a 0-10 over a fictional post. 2. I’m not personally offended because you criticised my writing. I’m personally offended because you SWORE AT ME for no other reason than you were personally offended by my writing! Do you get it now? Stop trying to displace blame and have a little accountability for the things you put out into the world. All you had to do was say, “Sorry for swearing at you. You’re right. I could’ve voiced my opinion in a much more respectful manner”. You see how easy that was? But no, you’re at a point where you’re trying to justify swearing at me. It’s clear to me that you’re the one that needs the psyche analysis. Maybe go to a zen spa; figure out why you keep coming back to my “meandering” storylines (you see what I’m doing here? Sort of like what you did with “tf” by not spelling it out. Well here’s me not spelling it out for you but with the serious lack of education you have I’m sure it’ll take you months before you figure it out). 3. Hurt ego? Don’t act like you know me.

      You’re right about one thing: no one did spit in my face. But it doesn’t matter considering you completely missed the point of my hyperbole. It’s clear reading isn’t the hobby for you so why don’t you get “tf” out of here and don’t come back. Ba-bye.

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