Character List

Hi all! As requested, here is a character list for most of the characters. Please feel free to let me know if more characters need to be added, or if current character details need additional information. Soul.

Anna: A 22-year-old aspiring writer and editor. A Californian Soul at heart, she moved to New York to follow her dreams after graduating from UCLA. She has been cheated on with her first real boyfriend, Frankie, and since then has only ever been in the process of healing. She has raven-dark hair, green eyes, creamy white skin and a narrow face. High cheek bones and a symmetrical nose; thick and thinly shaped eyebrows (not too thin, though).

Chloe: Anna’s roommate while they were both in UCLA living off-campus. Chloe had long brown wavy hair, and inconspicuous uneven dotted light brown freckles just below her eyes. She had brown eyes and ebony skin; and was always thin, looking younger than her age called for it. The longest friend of Anna, she and Anna got into the same college where Chloe studied a communications course, majoring in marketing. Also having a boyfriend that cheated on her, Scotty, this is where both Anna and Chloe bonded. Chloe is fearless when it came to sex, and hopeless when it came to romance; funny, straight-forward and sensitive, she had all the traits of a best friend and a hard worker.

Janet: A dark-skinned beauty with bits of blonde in her curly black hair. Killer lashes that framed beautiful glossy dark brown eyes. The most sympathetic of the group, she always seemed to know just the right words to give a person a heightened realisation. Also studied in UCLA, she was an artist constantly covered in paint. Once graduated, she got a job creating artistic designs for an advertising company while keeping up her dreams of selling her own paintings in art galleries.

Jodie: The athlete of the group, she had brown hair that came down to her shoulders, a tight and toned build, and was always tanned from constantly being in the sun. Being the lesbian of the group didn’t come easy, but eventually she told everyone one by one and, as expected, all her friends were very loving. Perhaps the only person in the group that doesn’t believe in monogamy, she has a lengthy dossier of one-night-stands and brief relationships that she chronicles with pride. It’ll only take a special someone to keep that love going.

Adam: A blonde scruffy-haired ex-bartender and ex-best friend of Anna’s, that always had stubble around his chiselled jaw line. In California, he and Anna were bartenders working for Martin, until Anna moved to Randy’s and then New York. Adam got a job in a finance editorial company and ended up moving to New York, confessing to Anna towards the end that he was interested in her from the very beginning. Anna never returned the feelings and since then, they’ve had a somewhat up and down, rocky relationship. They are currently no longer best friends.

Daniel: The biggest playboy on UCLA campus. Daniel has brown hair that shimmers shards of golden, with evenly amber-brown eyes. Dimples dented his mouth whenever he even pulled ever so slightly on his mouth and a toned, perfectly proportioned muscled body. Eventually he caught the sight of Anna; and he had an effect on her, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Well, sort of. He has a rocky relationship with his father, Richard; a twisted ex-relationship with, Tanya, his ex-girlfriend; and a heavenly relationship with his mother, Jade.

Derek: According to mum, a frequent commenter and reader, “douchebag!”. A Calvin Klein looking model, he first met Anna in the advertising agency she worked at over in California. He had a tendency to have sweeping rollercoaster emotions and behaviour, Anna could never keep up. Nikki, his fairy-like best friend with a razor’s touch, was always by his side and eventually ended up detesting Anna. Derek, later on, reveals that he has been medically diagnosed and he has been trying to deal with it and tells Anna on her last night in California before she moves to New York.

David Searles: Anna’s boss in New York. A high-up editor, abrasive most of the time but kind when he can or needs to be. Dedicated to his work, dedicated to making people around him succeed.

Jade: Daniel’s mother. Sacrificed everything for her husband, Richard; and her family. Hardly regretted anything and sadly died of cancer. Daniel, at the time, moved to New York to support her and her treatments by getting a job and helping her out financially. Even though they were quite well-off, Richard was selfish.

Richard: Daniel’s father. He kept forcing Tanya and Daniel together; Tanya willingly obliged but Daniel could never forget that he betrayed her and they would never love each other again. It would all just be for show.

Paul: An eccentric friend of Anna’s in New York. Her first real friend. He is gay and proud; stage name Marilyn Monroe and had just got promoted to headliner a little while after he and Anna met. His best friend is Johnny, an Irish bartender in New York, who used to be a drug addict, quit the habit and has now become obsessed with trying to fix everyone else, with good and bad consequences.

Leo and Noelle: Anna’s co-workers in New York.



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