‘Jake Saunders’ on Wattpad!

Hi all!

There is a new fun and sexy blog, or chapter by chapter story, that I’ve started on Wattpad. As requested by a reader, here is the link! At this time, there is no actual schedule for posting for this blog, but I’ll be trying to post as frequently as possible; and it won’t hurt to let me know what you think of the posts or to request more posts, as I’m always reading comments and sometimes base everything from BONUSES to posting early to posting more than one post at one time on those comments for ALL of my blogs!


Soul xo


3 thoughts on “‘Jake Saunders’ on Wattpad!

  1. I really like the blog, but it’s confusing with Jack and Jake. As well as the intermittent posts. Not complaining, just giving feedback. Do I want more?? HELL YEAH!! mum

    1. I didn’t even think of that until I was writing between Jake and Jack and I thought, “I hope this doesn’t confuse anyone” lol. Too late to change his name now considering a post I previously did. But I am thinking of giving him a nickname. We shall see! Unless I can cut way back on word count with this blog, the intermittent posts are going to have to stay. I do get how annoying\confusing that may be, but I’m trying to focus on the bigger picture of writing this novel of mine and it requires some re-focusing.

      Thank you for the feedback. Much appreciated!

      Soul xo

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