Published Books

In this section, I’ll be linking you to all the books I publish so they’re all in one place! All links are in the title of the book; just roll your mouse over it and click! I hope you check them out, write a review, and most of all when you read, enjoy!


Sexy Female thief with gun, new york on background

When 19-year-old Iris Denaulte first receives the letter from Alistair, part member of The Council that governs New New York City, she and her loyal group of rebels must join forces with the enemy in the hopes of defeating those that invaded, the Terras.

But at what cost?

Iris must now embark on a journey to the four corners of this post-war world, where danger lurks, where loss is inevitable, and where love blooms in the most unlikely of circumstances. Prepare yourself for the unspeakable things to come.

(Currently live on Wattpad for a limited time only!)



Meet 26-year-old Elise Jackson, a talented advertising executive four months out of a break up with her long-time boyfriend of three years.

Meet the confident and sexy Dante Vanderbilt of the Vanderbilt Advertising Agency, the man whose name is synonymous with sex and abs that gives her a night of wild sex and temptation, leaving her wanting more.

Everything goes smoothly for Elise until she finds out that Dante is her opposition for a new million dollar campaign.

Competition. Perpetuating feelings. Exceeding hotness levels. Blurred lines…What could go wrong?

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